Saturday, November 22, 2008

Of Pens and Papers

The joys and misgivings that I’ve experienced back in high school shaped me into a better person – with higher self-esteem and confidence. One of which was when I joined the Regional Schools Press Conference.

Three years ago, I decided to join as one of the writers in our school paper. I applied for the position of Feature Writer/Editor in English. And so, I just wrote something about the school. Days later, the results were posted and of course, my name was there. But then, everything was not on a smooth sail since I was assigned to be the school paper’s Sports Editor in Filipino. Heck, I’m not that doting to sports! Also, I have to write pure Tagalog/ Filipino in my articles, which one of the things that I hated to do most. It’s just there are some Tagalog words that don’t have an English counterpart.

And then, I faced another predicament. I was about to embark on an annual contest – The Division School Press Conference. I was a bit nervous and my writing material wasn’t that great. I think, the thoughts were not arranged and the article I wrote was not coherent. Talking about disheveled ideas messed up in a clean sheet of paper. It’s a slipshod.

And so, I didn’t make it to the Regionals. The hell I care, it was a fun experience though.

After a year, my school paper adviser transferred me to the English Department. I’m still a Sports Editor but thank God, I can now write in English. It’s like I can fully express my thoughts when I write in English. So, jotting those exaggerated sports terms would be a breeze. And then, I reentered the Division level and bagged the fourth place, eventually lambasted more than sixty aspiring Sports writers. I was a bit shocked when I learned the results since I was not there in the awarding ceremony. I was attending a quiz bee that time, sponsored by Davaoeños in UP Dil.

And so I qualified to join the Regional Division and I must be focused with it.

Another round… We spent three days and two nights in Tagum City, approximately 50 kilometers north east of Davao City. There, our school paper adviser coached us (yep, four of us were qualified in the Regional Division). Sadly, I didn’t make it to the National Level, which was held in Baguio City, only went to the final round, which happens to be my good friend, Fredreich Layno.

But hey, the experience was valuable. Never in my life had I aspired to be a Sports Writer since I’m not fond of that field. But hey, I guess I do have a potential to be a good Sports Writer, err, I guess.

For those who will join the RSPC, Good luck! Bring home the bacon!

PS: Saan iheld and National School Press Con 2009?

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