Tuesday, November 11, 2008

First Blood

Do you know what it feels like to be the first person to recite in front of the class filled with strangers from other planets? Apparently, I was the first victim of this crap during our first class in MST 6 (Biodiversity Challenge).


I haven’t written any notes on the latest news in Biodiversity!

But hey, God is good! Last night, I have just seen an online ad about saving the Piranhas of the mighty Amazon River. That’s it! I just saw the ad and didn’t even pay full attention to it.

Just save the damn piranhas!

But the good side of it was this. Reasons were very apparent, thanks to Globalization, commercialization and pollution.

A great remark from our professor really made my day complete, at least.

So I’m finished with the late Crichton’s Next.. WHAT’S NEXT?? Haruki Murakami’s After Dark? Well, that would be the first book that I’ll read written by a Japanese. I wonder if Japanese writers have the same style with Western writers… hmmm...

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