Monday, November 24, 2008

Every Morning. Tuwing Umaga

The first week of Biolympics is already through yet I can still feel the aftermath of this strenuous yet exciting event. My arms hurt until now. Apparently, I can still feel the dull yet prominent pain since I joined three parlor games and it required physical stamina and strength. I, on the other hand didn’t possess the two important things in man’s life.

I used to think that it’s not important to me but I know from the start that it’s actually vital and it can also serve as a life saver. Labo… Sabaw…

Alright, so I must have a regular exercise everyday. I MUST exercise everyday. Walking around the 204-hectare campus of UP isn’t enough. Ugh. =|

Five pounds of dumbbell…a pair…multiply by two…ten pounds… one hundred rounds every morning… ACK! WTF??!

I think overdose na ako sa “mental exercise”. Too much isn’t good on one’s health.

Ugggh damn it. Give me a break. I need to sleep…

(Not in the library, of course. LOL)

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