Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Supermassive Craphole

After some senseless entries, I’m finally back and I’m quite confident that this entry would be quite sane, at least. Well, I just hate myself of waking up late. I don’t have a seven o’clock classes this semester though but still, I have this disturbing tendency of being late, even if I am only 10 minutes away from UP. Sigh. But heck, I still have to discipline my ass.

And yeah speaking of school, I found this semester to be more enjoyable than the previous one. Ack, I hate my schedule last semester. Sucker! Aside from having a wonderful schedule, my subjects were more interesting. Genetics, Biochemistry, Invertebrate Zoology and Ecology didn’t bore me to death, compared to last sem’s Organic Chem. HAHAHAHA. Oops. I just hope the trend would not change and my interest in these subjects would still remain ‘til the end of time, hopefully.

Oh yeah, I never thought that the Amazing Race Asia 2 will make it to the DVD flea market (you know what I mean). When I asked Ate Tindera last weekend, she just gave me a befuddled face and started to delve with the cabinets in her store. After 30 mega jiffies, she held a copy of Amazing Race Asia 2 (comes with the whole season of The Amazing Race 12). Even if the DVD lacked 2 episodes in the Asian edition, it’s still worth it (and I’ll just download the three remaining episodes in torrent). As an avid fan and viewer of this award winning show, I sometimes reverie that someday, I would race together with my future teammate. Though, my future teammate still remains a mystery. :)

Oh yeah, there are plausible reasons on why I love the second season more than the third.

First, Marc and Rovilson, the unbeatable Filipinos of the race. The reason is simple - it makes you proud to be a Filipino. But their greatest flaw was the flags of different countries, the last road block. Damn it, they should have won the race if Marc did the road block task. But that’s okay. They were all winners since it’s just a once in a lifetime opportunity, being the part of the cherished reality show.

Second, I just love Paula Taylor. She’s half Thai and half Australian. Obviously, if the Asian ethnicity and blood combines with the genetic material of Caucasian during copulation, it would acquiesce to a beautiful offspring. I adore Paula Taylor’s beauty. I am gravely enamored with her splendor. Her eyes… Her captivating smile… Her aura exudes quietude. I was a bit surprised when I saw her commercial in Rebisco Healthy Crackers. I like the way she spoke the product’s main tagline: Muuuhh-suhrap muh-ging healthy. Ang cute! She had a great similitude to Ina Raymundo. HAHAHA.

(Paula on the left - petite and pretty)

(She had a zit on her right eyebrow. But heck, she's still pretty. LOL)

I’m excited to see the Malaysian Mom’s bittersweet demise. HAHAHA. I just don’t like them, most especially Diane. Ugh.

Alright, Biolympics will start this Sunday and I don’t have an idea on what’s in store for us!

Hmm, I think this would be my first time to join the annual Biolypmics, where Biology students of various universities in Davao (UP, Ateneo, etc) will compete through different events such as in the field of sports, quiz bowls and more. I should compose a song and finalize it by tomorrow. Shoot. I just don’t understand why the criterion for the original song composition (Battle of the Bands event) didn’t have a theme. That’s quite difficult to judge! I mean, the world is a profound place. I can’t create a song out of profanity, for Christ sake, that’s rude! But hey, hope my secret motivation will work. Sigh.

Okay, so I’m dealing with the abnormal weather in my place. Crap.

BTW.. Muse is LOOOVE. Supermassive Blackhole is the coolest song I've ever heard in this band. All hail to the MUSE!


  1. uhmmm renzy...i guess i told you a million times how i like your blogsite and how amazing and talented you are as a writer that i was wishing i could be as good as you. but man, i have a hard time reading your posts! ang liit ng font pare!!!bwahahahahaha....matanda na kasi, kaya...
    well, patience is a galing mong sumulat, bahala na magka singkit-singkit ang mga mata ko.

  2. hehehe :)) i guess i should make it bigger. okay na ba to? :)