Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Bio is Life

Three high school seniors asked me if Biology is a good course in college. Nice question.

Well, for almost two years of studying (and battling) this course, I must say that Bio is one of the most challenging courses in college (and challenging is very different to difficult).

Bio is a profound course which aims to study different interactions, organisms from the microscopic world to the biosphere (and I mean the WHOLE world, or possibly, the WHOLE universe). It can be quite difficult to memorize all those scientific terms, names and families but I enjoyed it, really. Now I’ll present to you some myths and facts about this course:

a) Bio is easy since you only need to memorize all those things in order to survive.

--It’s a myth. Hell, so what if you memorize all those terms? Memorizing those stuffs are not enough to pass this course. One should have a powerful memory (can be attained if you don’t cram) AND a great analytical way of thinking, most especially in Organic Chem and BioChem. Another thing, one should have a perfect time management in order to meet those demanding reports and exams, unless you want to cram or procrastinate, it’s up to you.

b) Bio is fun (and expensive) since it has lots and lots of field works/trips.

--Actually, this is true. Well it’s not your same (and insane) high school field trips wherein you’ll just have a picnic in a picturesque beach or took some scenic shots from the mountain. Well, aside from doing those recreational things, we also have to record some important things essential in our field trip. If possible, one should have visit different aquatic, terrestrial and some aerial biomes in the planet.

c) If you don’t take Medicine, you’ll end up as a teacher.

--Alright. Being a teacher is a mind-numbing task, really. It’s not easy to teach those adventurous teens, nowadays. But the fact is, you have the option whether to teach or not since you also have a chance to be a scientist, a Microbiologist, a Geneticist, Molecular Biologist, and more. Like what I’ve said before, Biology thrives in a cavernous world of interactions, pathways and organisms and you’ll end up with so many choices of work after you graduate.

d) Bio is deadly.

--For obvious reasons, it is lethal if you’ll end up cramming before the exam. Even two to three days isn’t enough!

e) Bio is eeky.

--Dissecting frogs is a normal routine for us. In our Biodiversity Lab last year, we have killed frogs at an average rate of two to three per week. We also dissect cats and some animals. I know for some it would be the nastiest thing in their life since all those gooey things are exposed. If you have a weak heart, then you’re a dead meat.

The most important is this. If you love science and willing to study about LIFE, then go for Bio.

Remember, do not choose a course if you lack interest on it. For example:

Your mom wants you to take Nursing since it has a promising future blahblahblahblah.. If you don’t like it, then do not choose it. Follow your heart. If you like Fine Arts, then take it! If you love Engineering, grab it! I mean, if you take a course that is against to your will, you’ll end up of having a sad life and it really affects your future career.

So for all high school seniors out there, think twice before choosing your desired path in college. Try reading Robert Frost’s infamous poem, The Road Not Taken. It will somehow inspire you.

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