Monday, November 03, 2008

Ticket to Geek-oh-landia

Semestral break is finally over, and it sucks big time. I have just enjoyed my break on the last week of the break. Crap.

Say ta-ta to YouTube Marathon, 12 hours of sleep, novel marathon, CS3 (sniff sniff), and those lazy and unproductive hours of staring in front of the wall or talking to my imaginary best friends.

Well, for the past three semesters of my college life, I have done several accomplishments. Here are some:

a) Didn’t attend my table tennis class last year because of sheer laziness.
b) Had accidentally broken a Separatory Funnel worth three-thousand-and-eight-hundred-bucks.

c) Had slept in front of my professor all the time (yet I still managed to have a 1.75 by the end of the semester). C’mon, everybody’s doing this thing.

d) Had my first tres (heck, who cares).

And I had no idea what's in store for me this second semester.

The hell I care, Christmas is coming.


The line in the university’s cashier was very long, at least one kilometer (joke, just exaggerating, but it’s very long), thanks to OSA’s brilliant idea. Chippy went to the clinic since she was not feeling well at that time. So, Carmi and I were left in the line, waiting for our turn. And then after 30 minutes of talking anything under the sun, well just to kill time, Chippy messaged us.

Chippy: Renz, tapos na kayo enroll?

Me and Carmi: Xung chi bai I er wo men tue tien fu lau xer chaw an to xia wo yaw tue ai (then sabay tawa)

Chippy: Pag sure ba. Nanjan si Fred?

Me: Blood is thicker than canal water.

And then after that she replied again, but this time, sineryoso ko na. HAHAHAHAHA.

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