Sunday, November 02, 2008

WANTED: Team Mate

Since 2003, I’ve been watching this esteemed reality show from CBS – The Amazing Race. I would sometimes shout in front of the tv, the same manner whenever Lolo (grandfather) cheers to Manny Pacquiao when he gives a deadly blow to his opponent.

And three years from now, I’ll be 21 and that’s the minimum age for one to be qualified to register and join on the world’s fastest reality show. Okay, so joining the American version would be that hard, so I opt to join the Asian edition, since I’m an Asian. Lol.

And so, I need a partner. Heck, I can’t do all those implausible navigations and demanding tasks all by myself. My partner should be:

Number One. A girl or a boy. It doesn’t matter as long as we’ve known for each other for a while and we share the same interests.

Number Two. Swift – as fast as Elma Muros or Lydia de Vega-Mercado. LOL

Number Three. A great actor or actress. Whenever we’re stuck at the airport, you can act as if your mother’s dying and you should get our ticket even if the gates are closed, similar to what Jasmine in My Girl had done. Or if you’re acting sucks, you should have this unique charm to catch the attention of bystanders.

Number Four. A Linguist. One should be fluent of at least ONE major language of the world, like French, Chinese, Japanese or Korean. It doesn’t matter if you’re fluent or not in English since it would be pointless if the leg is in Japan, China or Korea.

Number Five. Strong. Alright. I’m just a walking toothpick when it comes to physical challenges. Hahahaha.

Number Six. Has a good sense of humor. Even if I’m already worn out during the race, accumulated stress in my body would be easily removed if you crack some funny jokes, even if it’s nonsense.

Number Seven. Acceptance and Humility. I really hate it when one pretends to know everything but in the end, he keeps on blaming his partner for not giving his idea on the race. Bullshit.


I think that’s enough. Well, you don’t have to fuss if I’m your partner. I have good navigational skills (I’m good on reading maps). I’m quite swift when it comes to mental challenges. I’m not afraid of heights and I am really adventurous. I eat virtually anything (except sea food since I’m allergic to it). Although, I easily lose my temper whenever things are not getting on the right track and I easily get tired if I haven’t eaten any food for more than four hours. And yeah I easily get distracted after performing three to four trials of any tasks in the race.

But no, I’m half-serious about it. One of my goals in life is to join this reality show. I know it would cost a LOT (since there are times that you’ll bribe a taxi driver or anyone just to be ahead on the race), but the experience is the most important thing. Once you’re one of the official teams of the season, it would be a big accomplishment, plus you get a chance to see yourself inside the idiot box!

HAHAHAHA. So, who’s interested? LOL.

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