Sunday, November 16, 2008

Next - Michael Crichton's LAST Novel

Next is Michael Crichton's latest (and unfortunately the last) techno-thriller which tackles mainly about issues in the field of Genetics, particularly in Gene Therapy and Genetic Engineering. Science embarks in a profound world per se, but sometimes science doesn’t answer all of man’s demands and queries about life. In this novel, Crichton presents different kinds of persona, ranging from a head Geneticist of an infamous Genetics laboratory to a talking transgenic “humanzee” and parrot, which can solve mathematical problems. You may be surprised that at the beginning of the novel, there are so many characters introduced in every chapters of the book, but after some pages, you will learn that all of them are circuitously related to each other. He tackles different kinds of ethical issues which emanates from one single problem.

This novel attempts to explain the moral issues in Genetic Engineering, tainted by commercialism. Nonetheless, Crichton does not only present the possible demise of mankind, but also throws in a few kicks and lots of furtive humors.

Science can be the answer of man’s daily problems in today’s time, but it can be the cause of mankind’s demise.

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