Thursday, November 20, 2008

Team Hongkong

I’m not an AXN subscriber which made me unable to watch The Amazing Race Asia. Thank God, there’s YouTube. But no, due to copyright infringement, they removed ALL videos related to TARA. Isn’t that GREAT?

Heck, I still found a light despite the abyssal sadness. Thanks to daily motion.

I haven’t watched the last episode of TARA 3 for obvious reasons, though I have finally known the latest TARA winner – SAM AND VINCE! Hurray for Team Hongkong! Personally, I like them more than Geoff and Tish. If I weren’t a Filipino, definitely I would not give my full support to Geoff and Tish. Lol. Just an opinion.

Alright, so the third season of Amazing Race Asia was coined as: THE TOUGHEST RACE EVER. Indeed, the challenges were all, uhm, demanding – both physically and mentally. I can already feel the stress within the racers. Imagine, more than 36 hours of no sleep, food will definitely make the teams to lose their temper and concentration easily. Nevertheless, the second season was THE BEST. Marc and Rovilson was the strongest team that I’ve ever seen in the Amazing Race. They’re so fantastic and funny. Terri and Henry, the other Filipino Team made the race even more exciting! Terri is fond of shouting to her husband. HAHAHA. It was waywardly funny, I tell you! And oh! Because of Paula Taylor, One of Thailand’s fêted young celebrities motivates me to watch TARA 2 over and over again. I am really enamored with her beauty. PERIOD.

Aside from the teams, the locations were also stunning. My favorite part was when they went to Frankfurt, Prague, Budapest and South Africa. Wow. And I sound like Dora, the Lakwatserang Negra. Ooops.

So yeah, once again, congratulations to Sam and Vince!

Team Malaysia won the first season.
Team Singapore won the second.
Team Hongkong as the latest winner of TARA.

I just hope Team Philippines will win in the next season. At least for the past two seasons, they have made it to the final three, and that’s already a big accomplishment. :)

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