Thursday, November 13, 2008

[REC] - A Review

[REC] is a thrilling Spanish horror flick by directors Jaume Balagueró and Paco Plaza. A television reporter, Angela (played by the adorable Manuela Velasco), is covering the night shift of local fireman receives a call about an old woman in hysterics in her apartment. When they arrive, they find something more dour and sinister.

This movie was shot in an experimental “handy cam” point-of-view, like in Cloverfield. What I really like about this style is that the feeling really intensifies as you go on with the movie. It makes you feel that you are actually in the flick, making the feelings and the adrenaline rush more realistic than taped horror flicks, which the trepidation part is quite expected – not a thriller at all! In fact, I find the apartment building to be another factor in the overall stress in the movie. Being isolated in such a small confined space with the infected exudes a sense of claustrophobia.

Also, ambient noises such as the ghoulish cries and moans of the desperate zombies added such impact in the movie. There was no grotesque background music inserted in the flick, which made the film more pragmatic. Speaking of the macabre cries, shrieking cats were also downright frightening! The cat somehow emanated the same way when Emily Rose was possessed by six demons from hell.

The characters, both major and minor delivered their roles flawlessly, in my own perspective. You couldn’t surmise whether if they are just acting or if it’s a real deal! Also, religion played a minor role in this movie which led to the final answer – a grotesque ending. I just want to carp something about this movie – it’s relatively short, about 75-80 minutes. But yeah, it doesn’t matter since the movie was really astounding. Oh, I’ve heard that Jaume Balagueró and Paco Plaza will direct the sequel of this movie, titled [REC] 2 and will be shown in the year 2009. And yes, Angela Vidal would be possibly alive in the sequel.

The American remake of this movie, Quarantine isn’t that great, according to some reliable sources. One more thing: Manuela Velasco is hot!

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