Saturday, November 15, 2008

Joys and Qualms

Like almost everyday, I always reverie that I would excel in all of my subjects in a semester. The plan went well until I encountered a 16-year old quandary – I have this obscurity of waking up on the right time, even if the alarm clock keeps on beeping for like every five to ten minutes and even if my sleep is ten hours. I just don’t care about it, until I grasp that I’m an hour and ten minutes late for my first class. Too bad, I missed my first quiz in Biochemistry and I vow not to be late again on that class.

Speaking of Biochemistry, I am starting to love this subject. Since last semester, I sometimes think that Biochem’s harder than Organic Chem. I was on the verge of failing Organic Chem, until Melamine saved me from this trepidation. And poof, my first tres registered in my TCG. But no, I would always look forward for the new lessons in Biochem. I’m really happy when I fully understand those lessons that I once believed that they were exceedingly intricate.

Enough of the acads, let’s talk another thing.

For like, uhhm, after thirty years, PAGASA (Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical Astronomical Services Administration) issued a public storm signal no. 1 throughout the Davao Region, of course Davao City’s included. I woke up at around 4 am and noticed that it was raining so hard. I thought it was just a normal rain and I just went back to sleep. When I finally woke up, it was still drizzling and the dark clouds scuffled its way into the bleak horizon of east. The rain was in climax by noon and it was damn cold. I was quite excited by the public storm signal across the city since I didn’t experience strong winds and rain that last for at least two days. Usually, strong winds and rain here in the city only last for at least two to four hours. But no, by 5pm, PAGASA rescinded the public storm warning since Tonyo was moving northeast and expected to have a landfall in Surigao, Butuan or CDO area. Rain is still expected in Davao by tomorrow until Sunday morning.

Typhoons are becoming more erratic than before. Shoot.

Oh yeah, I have just recently discovered that strolling alone in the mall allows my body and mind to relax. Why does a man’s shirt costs more than a woman’s shirt? I mean a good quality shirt for men averages 300 pesos. Women can already buy a trendy blouse for as low as 100 pesos! Ugggh. But hey, two slices of pan pizza, melon zagu and a sour-cream flavored twister fries will make my day complete – SUPER COMPLETE, after three hours of brisk walking.

Okay, I have just recently finished reading Michael Crichton’s last novel, NEXT. It took me four days and man, I would surely miss Michael Crichton. He’s one of the best sci-fi novelists of the twentieth century. Since the semestral break, I have already read six novels and right now, I’m stuck with Category 7. After I finish Category 7, I’ll read Haruki Murakami’s After Dark. After that, I’ll try Tom Clancy’s Red Rabbit. Then I’ll try to read The Other Boleyn Girl and some books written by Mitch Albom.

Great, I have so many books to read, aside from the undecipherable readings and handouts in Biochemistry, Genetics, Ecology and Zoology. At least, this would keep my brain busy and it also stimulates my creativity and imagination.

I’m quite disappointed with YouTube, but hell, they have a point. They have just removed all of the videos that pertained the third season of The Amazing Race Asia. Shoot. The tenth episode was the breaking point of determining the final three teams. Next week’s gonna be the finale. How I wish the preliminary actions for the copyright infringement would have taken place after the final episode. Siiigh. But wait, I just read the episode synopsis from the official website of TARA 3. I guess watching the real thing is better than reading the whole story.

Oh yeah, right now, I’m downloading the second season of The Amazing Race Asia. Lol. I think the size of it is 4.71 GB. I guess I’ll have to wait for at least three to four days before watching the full season. Probably, I’ll start watching it by next Friday.

--And then I met her gaze. Her flickered on to me and smiled. Great! If only I could turn back time… Siiiiiigh

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  1. renz...ang galing mo talaga magsulat. naks! mukhang mas magaling ka pa sa ate cheche mo ah! totoo. just don't tell her that i said so. you're really good renz, really. i'm so happy to have known a kid (my niece's barkada pa gyud) who writes well. it inspires me so. you would have been an excellent AB English student pero science is your first love...anyways, everybody can write but not all can be a perfect writer like you. keep it up renz!

  2. char tita jei. lol. thanks for reading my blogs, kahit minsan walang sense ang mga sinusulat ko. hehehe. take care! xD