Monday, November 10, 2008

The Butt Move

So, if you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere and found out that you don’t have a class in CWTS (NSTP) and your Zoology professor's sick, the best way to do is this: ride a jeepney and escape from the sinister and eerie silence of nowhere island.

Schmakitty-schmuch, those jeepney conductors are driving me crazy, right Joie?

Anyhow, I recommend you, yes YOU… I’m talking to you… yes you, dear, to watch Madagascar 2: Escape to Africa. The storyline’s simple but it’s a good way to release the accumulated stress from your body. And yes, according to my friend, the second Madagascar movie isn’t that “related” to the first movie. I don’t know because personally, I haven’t watched the first movie. I can’t surmise directly about the coherence of the movie.

But no… a dancing lion, a mob of penguins, a giraffe who fell in love with a hippo, a fish who survives more than three days without water, animals who walk in an upright position, like humans and…and… ack! I’m already spoiling the movie. Just watch it. I love the OST of this movie. I must download this on torrent. HAHAHAHA.

So apparently, we had our “zoology” class at Cinema 2 of SM Davao. And we therefore conclude that lions are good dancers, penguins can thrive and survive in Savanna and your grandma is stronger than a karate master.

This should be a review, but it turns out to be gibberish. HAHAHAHA.

And I’ll try not to update anything for one whole week. Just read those replies and personal messages.


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