Friday, November 07, 2008

Out of the Blue

Things are exciting when you least expect it. And when your expectations are high, you’ll eventually get disappointed in the near future.

The former just happened to me this day.

I never thought that I would only have one class, which is Biochemistry. Unexpectedly, we didn’t have our class in Visual Communication. So that spells four and a half hours of lassitude. Great! Good thing, I brought Michael Crichton’s Next, and it really motivates me to study Genetics often. Lol.

And then two-thirty came and still, we didn’t have a class in our Zoology Laboratory. Pakdat was not in the house yow (breakitdown!). And yeah, since it’s not a nice idea to doze myself in the house (since my house is only 10 minutes away from UP) since it’s too early, so I decided to go to SM and window shop ‘til my legs hurt! Hahaha! :) So I just withdrew some bucks in Globe and went strolling in the mall for an hour. I just ate two slices of pizza, drank Melon flavored Zagu and ordered twister fries from a local potato shop in the food court. All things went on a smooth and boring pace until two familiar faces appeared on to my view.

I saw my best buddy Louie together with his mom. And then it hit me... Today, he is celebrating his eighteenth birthday! HAHAHAHAHAHA. Perfect! He was carrying various shopping bags from different stores in SM! And then he immediately offered me a treat: PIZZA PARTTTTYYYY!

As usual, we talked in an endless manner. He too is a loquacious creature, like me! And he hasn’t changed, except for his figure lol. I wish we were complete this day. Sigh. xD

HAHAHAHAHA. I wasn’t really expecting on to these series of surprising events, really. Thank God it’s Friday, ‘coz tomorrow, I’ll watch Quantum of Solace, though I’m not an avid fan of James Bond. Who cares, dad will shoulder it. LOL.

Grab the opportunity. Opportunity to grab. Whatever.

PS: To – I really REALLY REALLY love your comment on to my previous entry, the twilight thing. I really admire the way you express your thoughts, so profound and brave. Keep it up dude! xD Mabuhay ka, ka-isko! :)

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