Monday, December 15, 2008

They Call Me 'Hell'

Finally, I have found The Ting Tings' perky song, That's Not My Name. I first heard this song last Thursday, from Cha's laptop (or was it Cha who belted this at the Molecular Laboratory??!)

Alright, I think this year's gonna be the longest Christmas break ever - three weeks. I think it was a nice idea to have an earlier Christmas break since I don't want to suffer extreme sleep deprivation and stress. I don't want to be mentally retarded in the near future.

Alright, so the local Lantern Parade was finally through last Friday and of course our Lantern bagged the first place!

But the best part of it was the DOG SHOW, the Indak-indak dance competition.

Spell CRAP. That would be the LAST DRAW. It seemed enough to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience on the Indak-indak competition. Okay, so I felt embarrassed when I totally forgot my line (The Excellence of UP). HAHAHAHA. I'm not bitter, per se, but I actually enjoyed it! Hahaha. It was my first time to experience the "world-stop-revolving-on-its-own axis" syndrome. Mind you, when that crucial point came, I froze as if the air temperature abruptly dropped to -40 degrees Celsius! The audience however did the same thing. Hahaha. So it's a great idea not to join the Dog Show next year. What's important is the lantern. Hahaha.

So much for that. I was glad that the giving of gifts was successful despite some minor mishaps. Mark, you owe me a story. I don't want to ask Brother A to D since he's dangerous. Ack. I sometimes pity Aiai's nigga brotha. Ooops.

Well, let's leave those unwanted thoughts along.
Let's give those Biology books and readings to Hades, well, just for a while. Hahaha.
Though, two exams will give us a warm welcome when we return to our second abode.

Well, what I'm going to do this three-week break?

Apparently, I have to finish four books namely CATEGORY 7, STATE OF FEAR, INTERVIEW WITH A VAMPIRE (Anne Rice), and Tom Clancy's RED RABBIT.

I've been trying to read Red Rabbit since sixth grade but mom told me that it's not a great book. Hell, it would be dreary since it comprises almost a thousand pages. Clancy's style is similar to Ludlum's, like the secret agent who got caught in the middle of political factions and sometimes dodging from the hands of those invisible killers. It reminds me Alias. Haha. Apparently, Ludlum's dead for a long time already. The Sigma Protocol was my favorite Ludlum book. I wonder if I could finish reading more than 2500 pages in just three weeks.

Reading is one of my favorite past times, aside from blogging.

Well, I just have to finish those personalized themes.

And then, I have to learn on how to play Syphon Filter in PSP. Well, it was my favorite game back in the PS one days. Siiigh. I remembered playing it when I was ten and craved for more Syphon Filter series. I've already finished the trilogy in PS One and sometimes I play it over and over again. Hahaha. Good thing, they had it on PSP. Yey. Hurray for me. I think my brother's on the final mission.

Who could have imagined that a left-handed tennis player will outwit some of the renowned world class tennis players like Nadal, Federrer and Grosjean? Hahaha. Well, I'm good on playing tennis at PSP but no, I suck on the REAL tennis game. The court's quite big and it takes at least seven quick strides to reach the end of the court. And yeah, running under the heat of the sun plus swinging the heavy racket is a dreary activity.

So much for that.

The important thing is, school's over and we just need to maximize our time to enjoy the break. I want to spend white christmas with my family. Ooops, scratch colored adjective. We're not in the States, for crying out loud.

Let's just say, Christmas in the Philippines can be compared to a rainbow - colorful, vibrant and flamboyant.

Believe it or not, I haven't attended the traditional Simbang Gabi. I haven't tried eating Putobumbong. I know right, it sucks. But it would be tempting to sleep inside the church most especially if the homily's lackluster. I'll just commit a sin than to worship the Lord in his house. Lol.

Let's celebrate since it's Christmas.


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