Sunday, December 07, 2008


Okay, so I'm quite confident that millions of people are glued to the much awaited fight of Pacquiao and dela Hoya. So what, the hell I care about it. I ain't a big fan of boxing, though my uncle and grandpa's an addict with this sport. Heck, personally, I don't consider this as a sport. Why? It's like a derby cock fight, that is, instead of those black and colorful feathered creatures inside the ring, the lives of the two human beings are at stake. Yeah, they're oriented by the dangers of this sport but I guess, fame and money pays everything.

Last night was I think Kim's aka Chippy's memorable birthday. While celebrating her eighteenth birthday (we were at her room, talking anything under the sun), her father ran inside the house and told us the bad news: Somebody was hit and ran by a taxi. Poor fella, he was lying in the ground and was knocked off almost three meters from his original location and position. We called the 911, of course. And then, bystanders/onlookers began to flock the area. Good thing, the middle-aged fella was conscious and blood was pouring from his scraped eyebrow. Blood was also present in the concrete highway.

Usisero much.

Alright, I'll just want to greet two people.

HAPPY 6th birthday Maverick Ralph - my cousin.
HAPPY 18th brithday Jeannine Anjelica - one of my closest friends in high school.

Shall I go to the last week of Biolympics? It's just ten minutes away from my lola's crib. It's in Ateneo High. Lol. Whatever. I still have tons of thigs to do.

BTW, If you're bored, try reading Haruki Murakami's After Dark. I started reading that yesterday and I'm almost through with it. 30 pages to go...

Linkin Park's MV for Leave Out All the Rest reminds me of my favorite sci-fi flick, SUNSHINE.

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