Saturday, December 20, 2008

State of Fear: A Review

State of Fear is a techno-thriller, science fiction and a dystopian novel created by the late Michael Crichton. The astuteness and relevance of the novel, with respect to the worldwide predicament made its way on top and even received the prestigious American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) Journalism Award in the year 2006.

The story focuses on an Eco-terrorist group who wishes to wreak unimaginable havoc by altering some of Mother Nature’s natural climactic pattern just to attest that Global Warming is indeed inevitable, ominous and imminent. Time is precious and unwanted elements should be eliminated, or else it would mean catastrophe and total annihilation not just to the protagonists but also to the billions of lives.

Despite the controversies raised by this novel, I surmised that the greatest threat of the world isn’t just global warming. There are OTHER quandaries that should be given paramount awareness than this ‘global problem’. Ideally, it’s just a work of fiction, but it somehow influenced me to think that global warming is just a theory. I’ve read some Climatology books in the library and claims such as the rise of sea level, the melting of ice caps and the increase of global temperature are just conjectural. Apparently, we are aware that the Carbon Dioxide emission is increasing overtime but change in the atmospheric and land conditions are but in a infinitesimal scale.

So why bother saving the ‘varying’ patterns of Mother Nature if it’s logically vicious? All we have to do is to live harmoniously in our respective milieus but still we should care for our environment. Earth is our only home.

A novel full of action, thrill and suspense…

You should read this!

Once again, I commend Crichton’s second to the last superbly crafted work of literature.

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