Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Remake of Disaster

As we all know, some people can’t still get over with the Twilight fever. Admittedly, I was one of them, but in my case, it only lasted for about a month. After reading the last novel, which is the Breaking Dawn, I think it was the end of my Twilight addiction. That’s it. It was a happy ending. I was more excited of Bolt (which unfortunately I didn’t catch this flick on the movie house) and The Day the Earth Stood Still than Twilight. I have watched it and it was a mediocre flick. So much for that formidable vampire madness… I can’t blame Stephenie Meyer for catching the hearts of millions. The fictitious love story of a mortal and an immortal plus the combination of ostentatious adjectives made all the people to swoon and crave for more.

And so the soundtrack became an instant hit. Apparently, everything that is related to Twilight becomes an immediate hit – from shirts, mugs, coloring books (ack!), media advertisements, you name it.

I don’t know if this is true or just a hoax…

Today, while checking my inbox, I was a little bit astonished when ABS-CBN allegedly signed a contract on having Twilight as their newest and upcoming teleserye next year. The idea was indeed a gamble and shooting on various “Forks-like” location means spending a LOT of money. One thing for sure, it had raged and attracted millions of avid Twilight fans. They claimed that it was a bad idea. Personally, I still don’t have a right to judge since the Filipino series hasn’t shown yet. We are not aware of the future. We may not know whether if it would be a hit or not. Who knows, right?

So, where did this abhorrence of Tagalog remake come from?

Apparently, the answer is on the media itself.

There are LOTS of tagalized series or movies that became an instant hit in our country. Anime’s one. The tagalog remake of Princess Sarah was surely a blockbuster hit. Everyone loved that movie. And then different parody movies came and some weren’t happy about this idea. Somehow, the thought of reviving an old movie and transform it into Pinoy style isn’t bad. But what makes it a terrible one is commercialization. Sometimes, they tend to overlook for money and ratings rather than focusing on the quality. It’s a remake, for crying out loud and it should be better than the original, right? Making it better than the original is a tedious task.

Nonetheless, some may also tend to overlook the quality. Just make their love long lasting, with a touch of a spicy antagonist and some alterations of plot is already okay to the general multitude, creating mayhem to others.

The idea of “Takipsilim” is a perilous one. I hope it wouldn’t be that disastrous.

And yeah, if you happen to grumble about the plans of pursuing “Takipsilim” but haven’t watched the movie or worse, haven’t read even the book at all, then it’s better to keep your mouth shut. Peace y’all!

Reviving cadavers is but another story to tell. T_T

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  1. i've also written about this on my latest blog (it includes the unofficial cast list too, check it out if you can). you know that i'm one of the people who can be branded as a twi-hard or twilighter and personally i wouldn't really like twilight into a teleserye.

    i mean come on, for crying out loud, you can't really do that. i mean, i couldn't even stand watching the movie the first time i saw it because of all the omissions on the plot, how much more if they do a teleserye on it and i could assume they're making alot of major alterations on the plot. read more of my rants on my page.