Monday, December 08, 2008


Jeannine’s eighteenth birthday bash was a blast. It was really amazing. I thought it was just an ordinary debut with all those formal dances, dedications, compliments, tears and claps. But no, it was definitely stunning. Aside from meeting with my old friends in high school, I also get the chance to try some drinks since it was a bar-inspired debut. The DJ was really great. We partied all night long and took numerous pictures. Yeah, it sucks when my battery went to its coma state. I forgot to bring my charger. Drat. But anyway, I’ll just grab some photos from my friends. Oooh, I missed them so much.

  • I had this quaint opportunity to talk with Cedric, one of my closest friends in high school. As usual, he didn’t change. Always a joker.
  • And oh, I had this rare chance to interview Stephanie, aka Chinchin. Among the 204 students of our batch, she’s the only one to pursue one year of schooling outside the country! She’s an AFS student and resided in Germany for almost one year. She even stated that life in Germany is totally different from our native land. It’s just like every December suicidal rates are always alarmingly high since the environment is always gloomy and gray. She’s now fluent in German. It was truly amazing.
  • I missed everyone. It seems like my high school experience wasn't that worth it. Four worthwhile years or more to some. Hahahaha.
  • Circle of 4 was complete: yours truly, Cedric, Beatrice and Gillian

And yeah, I thought Bailey’s drink was delicious. But no, it tasted awful. I’m not fond of drinking alcoholic drinks. I opt to drown myself in coffee and coke than in beer and heavy wine. Good thing, fruit shakes were available. I love fresh watermelon shakes. The party was indeed astounding. Hahahaha. Once again, happy eighteenth birthday, Jeannine.

And oh. Whatdafuck. We still have a class tomorrow.

Ack. Tomorrow’s the feast of Immaculate Conception.
Double ack, we’re not a Catholic School.
Triple ack, tomorrow’s gonna be the season finale of the Amazing Race 13. Nick and Starr, for the wiiiiiiiiiiin! Hahaha.

I’ll just be an hour late for our NSTP. Naks. Pasaway. Hope that Sir Palomaria will not be around tomorrow morning.

Oh yeah, back to reality. I still have two more exams this Tuesday and Wednesday. The coverage for these two long shouldn't be taken as a joke. Another sleepless nights again to endure with.

I’m looking forward with the lantern parade. Yeehah!

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