Monday, November 05, 2007


Will you look at that time. 6.18 am. And it's quite unusual for me to blog at this time. It's way tooo early. I should be snoring at this time. Whatever.

Alright, I need to go to school RIGHT now. As in. Pronto. Andale. I need to do some important things in school regarding my clearances and my enrollment for the second semester.

Five weeks of semestral break is enough for me; and it's quite tiring and BORING, I tell you. For that five whole weeks, I've been dull, lazy, a couch potato and idle. I've been away from books, pens, scientific papers and notebooks, and I missed them already. Awww.

Below are the things that I should have accomplished for the one month and one week break.

I should have:

[x] cleaned my room.
[x] arranged my things at my study table.
[x] cleaned the filter of my room's air conditioner
[x] bathed my dogs ('coz my dog didn't took a bath for almost a year na, pwera nalang kung uulan =p)
[x] clean the windows of my room
[x] arranged those pesky philosophy, math, english and biology paper hand-outs and reviews.
[x] finished my sudoku puzzle (out of 100, I only answered 8, and I don't have time).

Haay. Sad to say, I didn't accomplished those above-mentioned things. That's right. ALL of THOSE THINGS, hindi ko nagawa.

Another dilemma. Recently, I've been attacked by my insomnia again. I don't know. I have this weird feeling. I don't have a jet lag since I don't travel outside the coutnry nor travel from one time zone to another, it's just.. I can't explain it. Parang, my body clock was set to London's time zone! Almost everyday, I usually sleep at 5.30 am and wake up at 3.00 pm. Then it hit me. I found the culprit.

I'm an addict.

Yes. You heard it right. I'm hooked. I'm an addict - but certainly, it's completely harmless. I'm a blog addict. Admittedly, I'm dependent with this so-called "drug" since last year - and it's getting worse than ever.

Cee or Dimple was right. Multiply, Blogger, YM, Friendster, and other Social Networks here in the cyberworld could be very addictive, just like coffee.

Haaay. Insomnia, have mercy on me.

But wait! Come back to me, oh insomnia. Let me have the chance to speak and commune with you. Let me feel your presence especially during my exam periods.

Naku, pwede ba yun?

Honestly, right now, I only had an hour of sleep, then after that I can't enter my own dreamland. Oh well, every remedy that I've learned, read and tried about insomnia won't work. Am I too anxious for the next semester? Probably yes. Haay naku.

It goes like this, at 11.30 pm, I felt sleepy, uhhm, yeah, QUITE sleepy. I listened to some songs in my mp3 player then I slept almost an hour. Then I woke up, probably I was disturbed by Regina Spektor's Oedipus.


Then I went back to sleep, but I can't!


Christmas is fast approaching and I want snow. As in now na! Gimme some snow dude 'coz I'm an addict!! Now, you may ask, what's the connection between snow and to my post, well the answer is:

NOTHING! There's no connection between the two of them!

And why did I wrote that?

I don't know. I just DON'T KNOW.

I'm crazy. Yeah. And I just loved the feeling of being HOOKED.


  1. arrgghh.. im going back to school tomorrow.. di pa tapos clearnces ko.. hmph

  2. yeah, hooked. join the club. anyhow, i added you on YM. teehee. wele leng. :O goodluck on that clearance.

  3. digoyski11:59 PM

    waheheeee!!! righ right right!!!!

    my insomnia ends at 3am and see sunlight at 1pm., hmm ahead lang pala ako ng konti, haha---reason??? same as yours!!! los i can reL8!!!!!! hahaha

  4. digoyski:

    buti ka pa , 3am!! ako?? sunrise na, hindi pa rin makatulog.. but mawawala na rin if pasukan nah.. =p

  5. joiesheen8:41 PM

    haha...ka relate ko ato!!! actually d xa consistent...usahay nasa south carolina na timezone akong sleeping hours (more or less 12hrs difference sa time zone sa phil 7pm sa ila 7am sa ato)...morning tulog tpos gabi gising na gising... usahay pud murag sa australia na time zone (advanced ata cla ug pila ka hours sa ato) mga 7 or 8 pm pa lng tulog na tulog na kaau ko...haha (that is kng mejo normal akong status ana na time)....well oh well...LIFE...haha

  6. joie.. charmosh kaayo ka karong gabii.. hahaha well bitaw!!! samok gud pero now.. tungod sa enrolment, katulogon na gud ko.. haha

  7. Grabe ganyan din ako. Meron akong to-do list na dapat gagawin pag break or vacation tapos di ko rin magagawa! Sobrang naiinis ako sa sarili ko pag ganun. Haha.

    And blogging can be really addictive. I've been blogging since 2005 and until now I still am blogging. Although I stopped for a while because I was busy with school. And now, I'm back. Lol. The blogging world can be addictive pero when you somehow get out of it, mamimiss mo talaga sya. As in.