Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Ang IPIS. Bow.

She's out there, walking in the dark (walking ba tawag dun??)
She hunts for food and other necessities.
She flew and she reeked unimaginable **slash** eeeky havoc
on our kitchen wares.
She had her own secret den, her own hideout. You can’t live in her place
For it’s very cold and damp.
Out of nowhere, she came to the outside world - our WORLD.
She searched for some food and for a potential mate.
Until one night, she faced a lone and deranged teenager.
A nightmare.
The teenager grabbed the gun, sprayed on her, and he watched the poor ugly little creature to cripple and to suffer.

She died instantly.
The teenager picked the roach, and placed her in the toilet bowl.
He then activates the flush, and the roach went to the other side of the world.

IN SHORT – nakapatay ako ng ipis, again!

Wala lang. I just came into a sheer realization that roaches are creatures that have the most number of cursed nicknames compared to human beings, and crap (stool, faeces, shit, etc).

Example: If a person is angry to another person, sasabihin nila ito,

"Hayop ka! (Duh, eh alangan plant, di ba obvious??)" or "Punyeta ka!" and others.

If a person accidentally stepped on a cow's dung, dog's poop or cat's undeniably smelly shit, heto ang reaction:

"Shit!" (then the shit will reply, "yes? anong problema?") bwahahha.

Haaay. Kawawang tae. Sila na nga naapakan, tayo pang may ganang magalit. Sheesh.

But for cockroaches, they're the best among the rest, in terms of cursed names.

Etoh. You can easily determine a person if s/he had a close encounter with this pesky household pe[s]t. These are the frequent curse names **slash** expressions kung nakakita sila ng IPIS.

"(insert high-pitched SCREAM here)"
"ay shyeet!!"
"KUYAAAA! patayin mo to! BILIS!"
"waaaaa "
"shit, WTF, f**k you, b**ch, lahat ng possible badwords pwede."

Sometimes, out of desperation, they just grabbed anything that's hard and just aim and slammed it directly to the cockroach - until the oh-so-gooey fats oozed in her boring body figure.

Haay. Kawawang ipis. Kung kailan makita ng mga tao ang kanyang "MORENA beauty," diyan pa siya papatayin. A piece of opportunity.

Obliterate them. Kill them mercilessly. Eliminate them. Today's the perfect era for Mr. and Mrs. Roachy's TOTAL annihilation. But what can we do? They can withstand nuclear radiation and will not experiece any side effects of radiation. Yikes.

And yeah, I can't really imagine if the world's governed by these pesky pests - roaches, ipis, ook-ook, Mr and Mrs. Roachy, just name it.

Hell, who likes them by the way? Eeek. This could be my yuckiest blog post that I've ever made. Sheesh. But hell, I enjoyed making this blog. Hahaha.


  1. can't believe you're writing about cockroaches..

  2. hahahha. but hell, may karapatan rin sila mabigyan ng public exposure especially sa cyberworld. hhehehhehe

  3. dimple6:26 AM

    Yes, this is your yuckiest blog post. And yes, I bet you did enjoy creating this post because I DID ENJOY READING. :))

    Nawala gamay akong stress from online enrollment. Bag-o lang gyud ko nahuman. At least, nahuwasan ko gamay. =))

  4. emoticthoughts6:26 AM


    kadiri ng topic!


  5. dimple:

    nyahahha! ano toh?? stress reliever?? hehehe. anyways, kelan ang pasukan niyo for the thrd term?? hehehe

  6. emoticthoughts:

    hahahha. aminin mo na kasi! u enojoyed reading this one :)) bwahhaha, but yeah, tulad ng sinabi ko sa post na toh, this would be the yuckiest post so far sa nagawa ko :))