Saturday, March 03, 2007

It's just the beginning

From February 26, 2007 (Monday) to March 2,2007 (Friday) , this marks the last of week on our Senior's Life. Likewise, it would be the most hectic week in the whole school year. Let me evaluate this memorable week.


It's definitely the start of the final week, and for this day, the scheduled tests were Physics and CL. Like before, the Physics Unit Test was conducted simultaneously during the first period in the morning. But thank God, Ma'am Sheng changed it to the second period in the morning. In short, another final 50-minute review to the most complicated subject in town. After I took the Physics Test, lately I realized that I had this HUGE MISTAKE! . If you still remember about Coulomb's Law, wherein the constant value is 9 x 10^9 (nine by ten to the ninth power), and this is the value wherein I used during the test: 9 x 10^ -9 (nine by ten to the negative ninth power). Oh dear, at least I'm quite confident in this test, in general, well except for this one.

Recess came and I didn't went outside, I just stayed in the classroom, even if it's prohibited for us to stay there during break time. It's just that I'm quite ashamed of what I've done last Friday and there are some things that I would fix on that day. You know what I mean, dude. Good thing, in the afternoon, well quite fortunately, everything went on a smooth pace. Whew! After recess, we took the CL test and as usual, I already figured our teacher's style for his unit test. Well it's my secret why I usually get a perfect score in his test. Lolz..ü

In the afternoon, we had a meeting in our Economics project and my funny friend, Kissa panicked because of this and that. I just laughed and she laughed like a silly cow girl. Sheesh!

I decided to call my brother that I'll be going home early because I'll had an intensive review for tomorrow's finals. I thought that he listened to me but instead, he just went off and as if I was joking. The moment I arrived at home, my brother's still there, waiting for me. Shoot! I thought he listened to me! DUh, enough of this stupidity, I'm just irresponsible though.


I made a follow-up to my group mates regarding the eco project. Good thing, they listened to me. We took the final periodical test of Christian Living and I'll tell you the scenario when we took our finals:

-armchairs were spread out about 2 meters apart and the first four columns took the test outside the classroom. I took the test outside the room and mind you, if you don't know the answer, all you need is to commune with the nature and feel the cold wind rushing to your veins until you'll realized that it's time already and you haven't finished your test at least 50%!

And for the verdict?


I decided to go to Cocok's house because I had to print something related to the eco project and unfortunately, one of their dogs escaped in their cages. I was crying and my heart palpitated so much because his dog (Japanese Spitz) ran to me but the good thing was, the dog didn't bit me. Whew!


Today's test is: Mathematics (Integral Calculus and Trigonometry) and Economics.

Juror's verdict: Math - quite easy but it takes time, Economics - Moderately hard because it surely test your analytical skills..


The test for this day were: English and Filipino.


English - Surprisingly, the Grammar part of the test was so easy and the matching type is quite confusing! Hey, I memorized the whole DIVINE COMEDY including the sinners, their punishments but it came out to the test as an essay and general type questions. Shoot!

Filipino - Very hard, especially the logical thinking on arranging the correct order of the given paragraoh, or whatsoever and the Talasalitaan portion!!


The final test, Physics . WE attended mass before we took the final examination. Lastly, you can't take the test if you can't submit the Economics project and the reply slips about the PTA Recollection.

All I can say is that I was quite fortunate because I had a time to review my answers unlike others, who didn't finish the exam proper. Whew! After we took the test, we had a short conference in the AVR with the agenda about the Recollection. We were so noisy at that time and Sr. Lilia got angry to us! She had this fierce look when she got angry. Talking about the face of a lion.


All of the sudden, I was attacked by my asthma! Fuck! At least, there are no examinations ahead and all I need to do is to chill-out and relax! As usual, the recollection's purpose is to bring us closer to God and have a penance on our sins!

It's not the end actually, but it's just the beginning!

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