Monday, March 05, 2007

Reality today's Surreal!

Bea being pampered by the girl housemates

UK-Bred Robert, the 7th housemate

Bianca Gonzales - update host for this show, LOVE her so much!

The Brand New Confession Room: Dito nalang ako titira, kahit sa confession room man lang! hahaha :)

Front Yard of PBB house - The reason why millions of people auditioned Big Brother

Uchenna and Joyce - The winner of AR Season 7

Charla and Myrna - one of my favorite teams of AR ALL STARS!

Rob and Amber.. - they'll be eliminated from the race.. NEXT WEEK! bwahahaha!

Dustin and Candice - urrghhh.. uhhmmm..

Bea, the 8th housemate

Admitedly, I'm an avid fan of Reality TV Shows. It all started when I was in my first year in highschool. Well, back in our old house, we're once subscribers of Sky Cable, until we changed residence and unfortunately, Sky Cable isn't available on our new house. Huhuhu.. Anyway, it goes like this, I was scanning the tv and I watched Fear Factor on AXN. Semmingly, after the show, it was the Amazing Race Season III. I didn't started that show though, well all I can remember is that, there's this team, they're twins named Derek and Drew and they were eliminated in Vietnam. Flo and Zach is the winner for this season, I guess. So this was the brink of my addiction, in a good way of course. Somehow, I started the Season IV of the Amazing Race, and I was excited then when I watch every episodes on it. I can't afford to miss even one episode. Unfortunately, Reichen and Chip won this leg of the race, and for your info, they're gays.. (eewwww!).. MARRIED GAYS! (DOUBLE EEWWWWW!). Anyways, I'm not a fan of SURVIVOR simply because I don't like the concept of the game. PERIOD. Hehehe, somehow, I've got a hunch that this reality game was reputedly scripted. Then there's this lots of reality tv shows which I didn't have a chance ALL of them which I don't have much time.

You know why Amazing Race is so thrilling to watch with? I mean the exact reason is unknown, actually but whenever you have a bet on a team that they will win or not, I mean it's quite exciting if you cheer right infront of that idiot box. And if you're totally insane, you can jump in your coach and shout like Tarzan until your neighbor will call the mental hospital because you're totally deranged! Well, that's the real motive of reality shows, to make you feel what the players felt too! Talking about mirrors and reflections though.

When 2005 came, my ultimate favorite reality show is the Pinoy Big Brother. Actually, I love all the seasons of this show: Season 1, Celebrity, Teens and the Season 2. It's just like, you can see the real pag-uugali ng mga pangkaraniwang pinoy.The house was great, fully furnished and comes with a swimming pool (the season 2 house was a A LOT BETTER!) and a cool theme on its unique design. But depite all these, TV's, cellphones, radios, CLOCKS, and other communication paraphernalias are prohibited inside the big brother. Paper, pen and even mascara are not allowed too!

Well in Season 2, housemates didn't enter the house all at once on the house, it's 1 at a time system. Today, Robert from England and Beatrice from Bicol entered the house on Saturday and Sunday respectively. Here are the narrative reports about the entry of the 2 new housemates:


Seventh housemate Robert Woods entered the Big Brother house tonight, masquerading as Kuya's fast food delivery boy. A shift manager for a fast food chain in the United Kingdom, Big Brother aptly disguised Robert as the housemate's 'reward giver'. Excited over their burger, fries and ice cream, Ezekiel, Wendy, Saicy, Gee-Ann, Nel and Mickey were a bit surprised to see a person from the outside enter the house. However, they welcomed the stranger inside seeing that he's delivering their goodies.

But the housemates became suspicious of Robert's actions when he looked confused as to what he was to do next. They were nice enough to invite him to eat with them and prepared to set a place at the table for him. Slowly, it dawned on Gee-Ann that he might be their new 'comrade' and asked Robert point blank about it. The other girls shrieked in surprise when he said 'Yes', while the boys readily toured him around the house.

Robert, refered to as "The Good Son," had been living the roughest three years of his life before entering the house. Born to a British father and a Filipina mother, Robert grew up in Saudi Arabia til he was 8. He returned to the Philippines when his parents separated. During his second year as a computer science student, he suddenly got news that his father was sick. He left everything and flew to the United Kingdom to be with his dad. But when his dad felt much better and opted to stay with his girlfriend, Robert was left all alone to fend for himself; emersing himself in work, with no friends or family in the UK. When his father's condition worsened and was abandoned by his girl, Robert still welcomed him with open arms despite his current financial difficulties. He has no regrets whatsoever and he believes the time has come for him to pursue his own dreams.


After last night’s surprise entry by the UK-bred Robert, the housemates remained skeptical as to what way the next housemate will introduce himself, or herself. But it was barely a day before Bea, the 20-year-old cutie from Bicol, stepped inside the Big Brother house.

Before entering, Big Brother already handed her a secret task: she was to kiss each housemate twice on the cheeks, and was given an hour to do so. At the same time, Wendy, Saicy and Gee-Ann were called into the confession room to help a ‘friend’ with her makeup. She immediately carried out her task and lived up to her friendly and talkative self, chatting with her new housemates comfortably as they all followed Big Brother’s request.

It was obvious to the three, however, that Bea was indeed the eighth housemate. Wendy even remarked: “Two down, six to go!” Soon Bea was telling the others about her life before PBB. This 20-year-old left her home in Camarines to work as a resource associate in a Makati consulting firm, and her soft-spoken and demure disposition helped her relate with others. But she admits to being very talkative and makulit; and it was this side that showed as she chatted up the girls within minutes of her induction.


The real agenda of the reality shows is, it will make the viewers feel what the contestants felt too, (just what I've mentioned earlier), and it would surely click the Filipinos out there. Not surprisingly, Pinoy Big Brother is surely a big phenomena to the TV, as what it was awarded in recent prestigious awards night. Also, Amazing Race also won the Emmy Awards for the past 3 years already, if not mistaken. This is the newest TV trend in the broadcasting history.

Unfortunately, this kind of show has its own consequences. Likewise, it's LIVE and no scripts are needed. This is what we called WSYWIG, what you see is what you get. But we can't resist this kind of show for it touches our hearts when they're sad, made us to ecstacy when they're excited and other emotions that we can relate to.

Sana, well just wildest dreams though, pero I just want to be the part of Big Brother's housemates. I'm not after for the fame or what, I just want to learn to be independent. But I'm doubtful if I could pass the auditions or what, it's just like I don't have these extraordinary capabilities that Bigbro's looking for..

(Heck! what was I'm thinking? Are you nuts, RENZ??!!)

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