Friday, March 23, 2007

Ang Totoong Kaligayahan

Ever wonder why some people are not satisfied even at their peak height of their career, fortune and wealth? Well, those people are materialistic. For them, true happiness comes from material goods, fortune and money. They say, they're happy if they acquire the latest cellphone, mp3 player model and if they had lots of money.

That's not real happiness dude!

Not at all.

I mean, perhaps I've experienced pain and hardwork in my life. Sanay na ako jan! I mean, through those experiences that I've ventured with, somehow, I've learned a valuable lesson. Don't be materialistic. Those problems, like financial problems and like made me stonger and it also made me realize that true happiness comes from the LOVE from my FAMILY. Even amidst of problems, this made my family's bond grew stronger than before.

God had been fair to each and everyone of us. I mean, even though we don't possess a mining company, jewelry shop or big companies similar to those, my family's bond is very strong. Pinagtatawanan nalang nga namin ang problema eh, Likewise, we're used to it. Complicated it seems, but there are some families, rich and owned various multi-million worth of companies, but then they're family's a broken one or the father had a mistress which cause separation on this certain family. This had a bad effect especially on the children. There's a big tendency that the child's performance in school would be affected, and worse, he/she could be a rebel which could lead to drug addiction or things similar to that.

I'm very very very, super duper LUCKY that I belong in a nice Family.

I LOVE my dad.
I LOVE my mom.
I LOVE my brother.

And most of all, I ♥ MYSELF!


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  1. Anonymous11:34 AM

    hahaha.. "i love my brother"??!!! ooowwwzzz!!! haha.. byat ni.. hehe