Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Annoying is definitely IRRITATING!

There are things that really annoys me. Well let me enumerate those:


Being an eldest child has its own pros and cons. Admitedly, I'm the eldest in the family and luckily, I had only one brother to take care with. So much for the age gap because he's only 3 years younger to me, so, nevertheless, I had no problem with respect to their 'generation' [we had the same generation nga eh..]. Let's start with the advantages of being the eldest in the family. Well, the eldest is the one who gets more [as in M-O-R-E] privileges than the younger siblings. Take this for example:

I had the chance to use the brand new uniform and brand new books, school supplies and etc. The brother will inherit kuya's personal things like those things mentioned earlier. Somehow, it's in the luck of the brother if his kuya's a neat person. If not, expect that your 'pamana' would be a garbage. Dude!

Despite all this priviliges on material things, being an eldest holds a BIG [dibah it's better kung GIGANTIC and EXCRUCIATING ang gagamitin na term?] responsibility on being a 'steward' to his younger brother and sister. And it really annoys me because even though I didn't commit any mistakes, well it's because of my brother's fault, well, mom would still scold me [sometimes, not always] together with my brother! It's quite irritating especially if you're innocent and did nothing! Shoot! Good thing, I'm getting use to it. Being a kuya holds a big responsibility - I SALUTE MYSELF!! JOB WELL DONE KUYA RENZ!

Although, being a youngest had this privilege especially on academics. Well, as usual, my brother just looked my old notes and he just studies there, not in his notebook already, and he just reviews my old unit tests and even 'cut n' paste' my project. Swerte naman oh, ang kuya gagawa nyan with dedication but with the brother, he only took 10 minutes to cut and paste my old project and did some edits and wahlah! Walang dugo't pawis - just with ease. Arrghhh.


Graduation practices were becoming idler than the previous one. And heck, those papansin boys made some funny yet crappy jokes about the eucharistic songs. I still laughed but it's like an insult to God. They're making fun of God-inspired songs. Bastos naman oh. Also, while I was browsing some pictures of my friend's iPod Nano, there's this ruthless lad who grabbed the iPod instantly without any prior permission. Bullshit! Kala mo kung sino! Arrghhh! Karma strucked him a while ago because he cut class - or shall we say practice? Hahahaha!


While I went home, this metro-aide lady boarded the tricycle that I rode to. Kami nalang dalawa ang natira and all of the sudden, she smoked INSIDE the tricycle. Yep, that's right! It really annoys me because she doesn't care [or she's not aware that I exist sa harapan niya?] when she puffed a mouthful of cigarette smoke infront of me! Arrghhh! Magka-lung cancer ka sana!

Well enough of these negative thoughts.. uhmmmm! Let's be optimistic! [uhhhhhwhhhaaattt?]

♥ Renz

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