Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I am a GERK

picture taken during our torch night!

This is an open letter to the following people::

Petrucci, Mortimer, Whitten and CHANG! - bet you know these guys ehhh??

Dear Mr. Mortimer, Petrucci, Whitten and Chang:

Greetings! I just want you to congratulate that you had your books published for the benefit of the students worldwide, particularly the Biology, Physics and Chemistry majors. Well, I'm just an ordinary student here in the most prestigious university in the Philippines, which is University of the Philippines, and honestly, I'm not as rich as YOU are. Our Chemistry professor HIGHLY recommends you. The reasons were, your topics are well organized and it's written in a comprehensive manner. But, as I sought your books at the leading bookstore in this country, I found out that the cheapest book of yours was roughly Php 700.00! Imagine, I saw the book and it was still tagged as LPE or Low Price Edition. Is 700 low for you?? I guess not. In that amount, you could actually buy 2 pairs of jeans or 2 penshoppe t-shirts or whatnot. And I'm talking to you, Mr. Petrucci. And to you Mr. Chang, your book contains wonderful pictures of different structures of atoms that can't be seen on our naked eyes. The pictures were far from our creative imagination. Somehow, your book roughly cost Php 2000.00!!! Imagine, in that amount, I can already pay our electric bill. Shoot.

I just want you to know that your books were highly recommended by the leading professors worldwide, but please, slash your price by about 60%! Please, oh c'mon, give me a break!

Sincerely yours,

The Crappy Gerk..

Okay okay. Enough of those complains regarding the overwhelming price of books. Anyways, I can already feel the pressure of a UP-student. In short, life must go on, rain or shine, snow or typhoon, ugghh whatever. Somehow, I observed that suggested readings were MANDATORY! God, I could hardly imagine that I'm a GERK - combination of Geek, dork and nerd. My high school friends, special mention to: JEANNINE LEDESMA, BEATRICE PADILLA, GENEVIEVE VIADO and REENA ALVIZO, baptized me with this term. Well, admittedly, I am your typical geek, or gerk, whatever. Ever since in highschool, I really love to study, read books and my favorite place in the highschool, is the library. But despite these funny accusations, I'm proud of it. Where can you find a GERK that has a funny yet weird attitude, a social animal, talkative and a musician?? Nyahaha. Well, maybe I don't belong to the group of HOMO SAPIENS, but rather to HOMO-GEEKIENS-ENGOTIEST. nyaha!

I had a hard time to squeeze my study periods on my leisure time. It's just like for two weeks, I didn't bother to watch teleseryes, big brother or even news. Okay, so right now I'm not updated of what's happening on my surroundings or what. But hell! Even on Fridays and Saturdays, I still need to study especially on Biology and Chemistry. Shoot.

But thank God, I really love these subjects so it's not a BIG DEAL to me, I guess.

So Life of an Iskolar ng Bayan is very difficult, but take note, it's a one-of-a-kind experience.

I just wanna say, goodluck to myself, goodluck to my future sleepless nights and say HELLO to the REAL WORLD!

PS: I won the BEST MALE PERFORMER on the recently concluded TORCH NIGHT! yahoo!


  1. Anonymous1:58 PM

    naka-log-out q, so it's anonymous..

    oh well, i A-D-O-R-E geeks..i know that they're fashion victims (read: but not all geeks are FVs!)..but if you, at least, take a peek inside their brains, it's simply..



  2. hi lillaeee.. hahaha.. some geeks are meant to be a fashion model nga eh.. infact.. BEAUTY AND BRAINS!

    pwede ka man mag comment as OTHERS! hahaha anywys.. thnks

  3. Hi there Renz!

    It's meee, Kenneth Porio from BSCS! GERKs are cool, man! Behind every smarts is a cool side!

    Don't worry about those crupped, crooped, criped, creepy, crappy crap around your mind. It's part of UP life. You'll be into lots of crap, poop, shit, feces, whatchamacallit... :-p

    Anyways, you can survive UP, just have faith and courage. I know you can, but remember that you think you can. :-)

    Thanks a lot! God bless!

  4. well books are indeed pain in the neck. imagine, ako nga almost 3,500 na nagastos ko sa books. aside from being expensive, mabigat pa! kaya pag mondays and thursdays, mukha akong gago dahil andami kong dala! d bale masasanay ka din. mas marami ka pang mahal na books in the future. biology ka ba naman eh!

    yung friend ko, med major siya isang textbook niya almost 16,000! take note, isang book lang ah! oh well, mayaman ka naman eh haha kaya barya lang yun sayo *just kiding* ^_^

  5. hi kenneth! hehehe.. well thanks for yer comment! naks naman! math major ehh?? hay nku d ako masayadong mahilig sa math.. pero biology, chem, physics.. that's my favorite! hahaha gogogogo aja! gudluck sa ating dalawa and god bless din! =)

  6. hay naku jr.. super dami nga ng books but it's okay.,.. i love to dig in with these books! hahahaha =)

  7. Anonymous7:10 PM

    renz... amazing!! *clap*clap*clap* i agree with the "pamatay aso" prices ng mga books...hehe not good with english so mag comment nlng ako using tagalog...nakakatuwa nman yung homo-geekiens-engotiest...and mahirap nga talaga maging isang iskolar ng bayan...good luck nlng sa ating lahat! yeah!!

    -jOiE sHeeN-