Sunday, March 02, 2008

When the Saints go MARCHIN'

Yeah yeah. It's already MARCH.

30 days left before FREEDOM.

Goodbye freshmeat, hello sophomore !!

Second day of March. The first hour of the day.

The first day of MARCH greeted me with a bright morning sunshine. The warm morning breeze brushed through the rich foliage of the garden but a tired mind would be probably the BEST GREETING of the day. Moments ago was the most stressful Saturday that I've experienced (7am Saturday classes of the chancellor ranked second). It was our first long exam in Nat. Sci. 1 (Physics Part) and I crammed, again for certain REASONS, not EXCUSES, and I shall repeat this: EXCUSES are totally DIFFERENT from REASONS (as long as the reason's a valid one). Anyhow, the exam was not that easy but not that hard. When I say hard, 'di talaga ako makakasagot ng mga test question no matter how hard I think for an answer. And yeah, I had this urge to cheat, I mean, I want to open my Nat Sci 1 module to review my answer. I experienced heartache, backpain, extreme nervousness, anxiety, intense self-brainstorming or whatever you call that thing, dehydration, diarrhea, asphyxia, SARS, TB and appendicitis. OKAY, sounds OA. If I didn't memorize the module, I'm dead. Manoy's exam was very confusing. I'm not confident with my answers, from the first part 'til the problem solving part.

The peculiarity of the exam goes like this:

"Calculate the acceleration of the *blahblahblah* when time is -2.0 s and distance is *blahblah*."

► Hello? Time? A negative quantity? Whatever.

And here's another one:

"Calculate the distance if its acceleration is -1.0 m/s."

► Hey. I think deceleration is more appropriate than the former. Hmph.

But that's not all!

"Calculate the neptunian year if the distance of the neptune from the sun is 4.5*10 ^9 km and the distance of the earth from the sun is 1.5*10 ^ 18 km.

► HUWAAAT? Neptune's closer to the SUN?! C'mon.

But wait, there's more!

There was this one particular problem that caught my attention. The given quantities were: an inclined plain with an angle of elevation of 32 degrees and a vertical height of 105 m. Calculate the time needed to reach the bottom of the inclined plane, assuming that it's frictionless.

► So what I did was, I just solved the sine function of it and I just divided it with the g constant, which is 9.8 m/s2. Grrr. July, what's your answer ?!

I really think that Manoy's MAIN purpose was to make us more insane than ever.

Good Lord. Manoy almost forgot about the 10 points incentive for our first exam. Good thing, Brigz and I reminded him on this important matter. Last month, our previous teacher in Nat. Sci. 1 promised us that we'll have additional points for our first long exam on the Physics part of the subject if we'll attend the symposium about Physics by Dr. Jonathan Gross. Almost everyone went to Dr. Gross's symposium.

I took the exam for at least 2 hours, reviewed my answers THREE to FOUR times. Good luck nalang sa result ng exam.

So, Nat Sci's out of my red list. This week's gonna be more tiring. and stressful.

MONDAY - make up class for Bio 3. Report about the Muscular Systems of Vertebrate and Invertebrate.

TUESDAY - submit the pre-lab for QA Unkown cation.

WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY - Chem 17 LAB unknown cation experiment. It's 20% of our final grade. YIKES. SCARY.

THURSDAY - Bio 3 LONG EXAM - and the acetates and photocopies are confusing and hard to comprehend. I just missed Dr. Novero's PDF files. Awwhh.
SATURDAY - CHEM 17 Lec 4th Long Exam.

It's sooooo SAD that I can't attend to my dearest kabarkada's 18th birthday. Alanganin ehh. I'm not feeling well and I still had to comply with these crappy requirements. SORRRYYYY Ising aka Therese Yucamco! :)))

I don't wish for a million bucks. I just want to have a DEEP sleep. 16 hours of hibernation would be GREAT. Ohhhh. I just want to contact my imaginary genie but I can't since he IS an IMAGINARY GENIE. Ugh. SABAW.

After the tiring exam, we went to Yuri's crib, somewhere in the outskirts of Flores Village. We had fun. I made a portion of our report in Nat Sci 1. We ate A LOT of FOOD. THANKS YURI! :)))). GREAT!I finally SAW your LARGE and FRAMED PROM PIC. BWAHAHA =))).


Oh yeah. I'm quite addicted with this song. Special thanks to RALPH! Haha :))

♫Built to Last - Melee♫


  1. kimmie2:41 PM

    Aaaw ayos lang ma stress Renz. Ako nga umiyak pa kagabe sa dami ng gagawin ko :))))) Field trip ko ngayon yaaaaay makakapahinga ako :)))))

    AHAHAHAHAHA! Go physics. palit tayo, ako sasagot ng exam mo sa physics ikaw sa chem ko! :))))

  2. joiesheen2:41 PM

    shet! dugay kaayo natahimik ang akong mind because of this question. naghimo na ug bagong universe c sir! hahaha good luck sa murag distance sa mercury from the sun na gihimo niyang distance sa iyang neptune. hahahaha

  3. joiesheen2:42 PM

    i hate this week. super!

  4. ahahhaa. pwede rin. madali lang kasi ang chem part. AYY! madali man din ang physics. ehhh kasssooo TEACHER namin. di naglelecture! BWEEESSSEEEET. puros reporting laaaannnngggg. GRRRRR. >:(

  5. joie:

    feeeel gani nako mas duol pa ang "NEPTUNE" ni manoy kesa mercury. gi calculate nako ang iyang period of revolution noooohh, in days, kaluoy sa diyos. murag approximately 3 days lang ata or LESS iyang "neptunian year". ATEEEEK kaayo. klarex kaayo na nagpataka lang, or basig ginapaconfuse lang atong mga uttoooookkkkk. grrrr.

  6. "i hate this week. super!"

    suuuus. mo lang! HUHUHUHUHU. kulba na ko QA sa chem. grrrr. cge lang. kaya nato ni =)))). hay naku. hahahha

  7. during the exam.. i was blahbing...




    oh wait, where's neptune before earth!


    pati rin si ate xio at ate jay-ann said, BITAW SIR!


    stupid exam..toinkz:D

  8. hahahha :))

    i thot ako lang ang namroblema sa exam. WAA :)) bweset talaga. sobra pa sa stupid!!!

  9. Like.. what?! Ayoko nang problemahin ang Physics, graduate na ako diyan nung high school. LOL.

    Anyway.. ang masasabi ko lang ay.. good luck! Isang malaking good luck! :D :))

  10. nyahaahha :))) at nat sci lang yan. may super hardcore physics pa yan next sem! WAAAA :((((. god help me :D salamat CHA! :D

  11. as in OMG! i'm gonna experience hardcore subjects next AY! hahay. maypag mag AB English na lang ko. english man gud akong pinaka-taas sa NCAE ug CSAT exam. hehehe. kung hapit na ko mag-laslas sa chem ni Paulin ug sa p6 ni shenglai, unsa na lang kaha diha! good luck na lang sa ako! sabaw na pud ko!

    and GOOD LUCK RENZ! as in GOOD LUCK! i'll pray for your soul. don't worry. hehehe.

  12. actually ang makapatay dire is kanang confusion sa exam. like kung maghimohimo ug problem sets ang teachers, usahay dile man gud ka makabelieve sa imong answer maski tama ang process kung factual ang problems, like katong gi-present nako sa post na ni. haaay :))

    mejo excited yet quite nervous ko sa finals.

    BA ENGLISH? i don't think sooo. kapoi mana kim oie. like i analyze pa nimo tanang lines sa poem. pati kani na line:

    "A rock on a tree." dapat i-analyze jud na nimo kung unsa ang hidden meaning sa line nana. HAAAY, wala na jud kanang sayo na course karon. HAAAY. :((

    well anyways, thanks kim. walang mahirap sa mundo basta u're enjoying your work, like me. mao gani nag bio kay fave man jud nako ang science. hahahah :)))

  13. haLa! hindi ka nag.iisa. oo nga, weird ang questions. naa pai sohcahtoa. samuka oie. heheh! ö madami gud taio na nasuia sa exa. hahah! gudLak nLng sa resuLt. maiged! ü

  14. renzy!just normaaaaaaaaaal ang everything!'t kasi nag-UP?hehehe..prepare for more and even most pag nsa higher bio ka na..haha.

  15. geva:

    HAHAHA. weird mo lang. YIKES. cge lang. may plus 10 man din tayo nsa first long exam :D hehehhe :)) basta naka attend ka lang sa symposium ni dr. jonathan GROSS. hehehhe :))) *wink

  16. ate gagay:


    first of all, UP is the country's premier university where bright and brilliant people meet at a certain point. i know. it wouldn't be sooo stressful to me pag nasa higher bio na ako since i looove bio. that's ALL.

  17. bitaw sad noh! i so hate analyzing poems! lami na kaayo ihilak! hahaha. bitaw2! wala na juy course na dali. ang hirap na halos lahat. i also love Bio! i love Science! it interests me so much kahit na mahirap. di kasi siya boring kasi nga "Science is Change!" hehehe. basta i'll do everything that i could possibly do in order for me to stay high in UP!

    btw, nag-confirm na ko online. it's final, i'm an ISKO already! c ya soon Renzy and super duper good luck! :D

  18. aba mayaman. hahahha lol. online na diay ang pag confirm? weee. amazing. well anyhow, gudluck juuudddd! :D

  19. naa nay online confirmation and naka-butang sa letter that it is highly advised to confirm online. pero ihatag gihapon sa akong mother earth ang letter. hehehe. :D

  20. ayyy atikkkk? shalan na diay karon ang UP. palibasa centennial year na nila. bitaw. electronic nasad ang pag enlist ug enrol namo sa mga subjects namo :D

  21. mao jud! pakitang-gilas kaayo! hahaha. pero tama lang pud oie. it's the premier university of the country. tama lang na shalan na ang mga facilities. :D