Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Uncanny things and thoughts

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One. I sleep more than 14 hours on normal days. Aside from that "amazing" feat, I sleep on only ONE POSITION. Yes, I don't move at all whenever I sleep. I just remain on that certain sleeping position and usually I sleep on my sideways for 14 hours (or, it depends on the duration of my sleep)!

Two. I am a nocturnal being. I usually sleep at 3 am and usually wakes up at noon. It's still normal, NOT!

Three. I had this eekie habit, that is to bite my nail everytime I feel nervous. Sometimes, even if I'm not nervous, I still practice this bad habit. Sometimes, if I'm supple and flexible, I bite my TOENAIL. Yeah yeah, so what. That's me! I'm a weird kiddo. BWAHAHA.

Four. When I was little, I always opt to read books rather than playing those fake and bulky voltes five, ultraman robot toys. But today, I now play with my toys. Most of them are of airplanes and toy trains (with chugachugachoochoo and smoke effects).

Five. When I do something silly in front of the multitude, I just laugh at it and I'll not be ashamed of it. HAHA.

Six. I stare in the mirror for at least SIX HOURS.

Seven. When I'm bored, I just scratch my scalp and look for the biggest dandruff of my life OR, I just eat anything (literally), even if I'm full.

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Oh yeah. I just received my final standing on Bio 3 Lab, and I was happy by it. I got 95 point something points (perfect score is 100) and I know it would be a GREAT HELP for my lecture's standing. Oh well. Also, my Chemistry was the shittiest of all. It's not my Waterloo though, but hell you can't answer it even if you give your best shot. AT LEAST I passed the three previous long exams. Most of them were of 75's to almost 80's. But, in the 4th long.. hmm.. NEVER MIND. I think the score would be like, the YEAR OF MY LOLA'S BIRTHDAY. Yes. OR, I scored 92 - 92 MISTAKES!!! BWAHAHAHA :)).


CLASSMATES, let's DEMAND FOR THIS SCHEME! He promised this right??! Oh well, if the 4th long's result will still be counted on computing our lec's standing, I still pass the lecture, to an almost 70. Not bad. I'm still alive. PADAYOOOON. I believe that I scored better on the quizzes and it helps, A LOT. Also, my Chem lab's standing is quite high. HAAAYYYY buhay.

So yeah, next week's gonna be the last exams of our life, or I mean the last exam of the semester (sabaw). The second semester's quite sucky, well during the SECOND HALF of the SEM.

Now, the only problem is: I CAN'T RESIST BLOGGING and NET SURFING. How can I resist it? My study table is just a quarter meter away from my PC. Oh well. At least I have the whole morning and afternoon to study. PIECE OF CAKE (sana.. and I'm biting my nail, again. EEWW). A few hours ago, we just went to McDo just to unwind ourselves from STRESS. YES! Let's EEEAAAT!



  1. renz gigutom ko sa mcdo pics. 4am pa. gutom kaayo.

  2. hey. :)
    nice blog! apir apir isko.
    ayoko talaga ng bio.
    parang yung course niyo ang daming memorization at may chem pa. tsktsk. :)
    anyway. do good! :D

  3. lilaii:

    BWAAHHAA :))) nag-uban unta ka sa amoa ni mark, joie and inz kagabii. naa lang mi sa MCDO MTS. hhehehee :))))


    nyahahha :)) BIO is LIFE, BIO is ♥.

    hahah lol. well hindi lang memorization ang kailangan sa bio, kundi, great analytical skills rin. nayahahha :)) mahirap din ang comsci no! MATH 17 palang! wAAAA.

  5. kimmie2:32 PM

    REEENZ HAHAHAHAHA feeling ko mataas grade ko sa last exam sa chem part hahahaha. bakit mas madali to kesa dun sa una. bwahaahah. salamat sa pagtuturoooo!

  6. kimmie2:33 PM

    Idagdag mo na sa weird things mo, "I told Kimmie I was a pagan (and she really believed it, I swear) and I almost fooled her that I joined PBB Teen Edition" HAHAHAHAHAHA :)))

  7. carmigz2:33 PM

    Hahaha I share number three with you. =P

  8. kimmie:

    BWAHAHAHAHA. suresure :)) ur always welcome kimmie :) hahaha. may comprehensive exam pa kayo sa nat sci 1?

    and sa ibang tags ko nlng isasagot yung mga kalokohan ko! hehehehe. :)).

  9. CM:

    diba CM, mas masaya ang libro kesa laruan :))) ehehe

  10. andrew king2:35 PM

    ........................same with number 3 but I bite my retianers instead until it breaks into pieces

  11. kimmie2:35 PM

    Meron pero exempted na ako hahahaahah. ayoko na mag finals no :))))

  12. andrew:

    and i am wearing my retainers.. AGAIN.

  13. kimmie:

    waaa. so UNO ka sa chem part? bwahahha. ako rin. kung exempted na ako, di na talaga ako mag take ng finals! hindi ako nagtatake ng risk. now that's horrifying.

  14. carmigz2:37 PM

    Haha ang number three yung toenails! =P I dunno though, nung bata kasi ako laruan ang hawak ko eh. Yung mga encyclopedia and the like naman, reserved for my bathroom leisure. hahaha! =P

  15. AY TAKTE. tanggaaaaa mo naman RENZ! bwahahahaha :)))) waaaa. masarap kasi ang toenail ko. YUUUCCCCKKK!

  16. andrew king2:38 PM

    I didn't know nails taste good

  17. andrew king2:59 PM

    I wonder if anybody have recipies for nails

  18. kimmie3:44 PM

    hinde mas mataas physics ko kesa chem hahahahaha :))

  19. ahhh i c. hahaha. bahala na basta na exempt sa finals! GRAB THE OPPORTUNITY! wooohoooo! :D

  20. btw, Anne nga pala name ko. :]
    anyhow, oo nga eh. super hirap na ako sa math. :l i really hate math pero ayos din ang bio. ang tagal pa ng bakasyon namin. kayo din ba? :D

  21. renzy! thanks for the tag! hehehe! number 2 is the most common between us! hahaha! especially pag summer kung asa ko mag dvd marathons! hahaha! looks like our timeline is different from others! hahaha! :D

  22. kim:

    HAHAHA lagiii. feeling. uhm. taga STATES?? or taga london? bwahahha. but hell right, it's an unhealthy habit.


    HI ANNE! :) yes, matagal pa bakasyon namin. finals nga namin next week. oh crap. mag fi-5th long pa kami sa chem 17, and take note. SELF STUDY. watdaheck!

  23. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

    renzy..the tag was from me man..hehehe..just read my post on that tag para mkita nimu mga 7 weird things naku..haha..surely lang, mureact jud ka!hahaha...

  24. O LAGE. hahaha. actually nabasa ko na yun. HAHAY. OBSESSSSSSSSSS na kaayo ka bA! :))))))

  25. goodluck naman
    sa chem mo!
    hate chem. :l
    haha. kaya di ko forte bio.

    haha. :)
    hope you do good on your exam. :)

  26. omg, that's really weird, you know? esp the first and the third. i haven't heard of anyone who sleeps 14 hours a day in one position until now.Ü


    THANKS sa comment niyo! BWAHAHA. =))