Friday, October 03, 2008


Three semesters had passed and I had just realized one important thing: I have made a wise decision on choosing my path in college. I didn’t regret of taking BS Bio, even how tedious the life is. Being a Bio student is not that easy and it’s not a joke. Aside from making risky decisions, one is highly susceptible of any kind of sickness due to accumulated stress.

Back in high school, I always deem to become a Chemist or a Chemical Engineer. I thought Chemistry was that easy, then came my first year in college. Chem 16 was a little bit surprising and challenging. Chem 17 followed and it was my favorite chemistry subject. But this semester, my perception towards chem had changed, well a little bit. As you have read on to my previous entries, I am struggling with Organic Chemistry. I know it’s a redundant thing, but I can’t help it. Passing even one exam in Chem 31 is already a good thing, well for me.

Having a standing of above 80 means only one thing – you're a brainy ass. HAHAHA. I really admire those people who don’t have a hard time of understanding different organic processes, reactions and synthesis. In my case, I only understand the picture of it but I don’t see the point of drawing all those aromatic rings, alkenes, alkynes, ketones and other functional groups when subjected to synthesis. I know I’ll pass this subject (of course), but I grasp on to the fact that I’m not good at it.

And I can’t imagine myself drowning to McMurry’s Organic Chem if I take Chem Eng. Wait, Morrison and Boyde is worse and more difficult to understand.

Shoot, I still have one exam – moving exam in Microbiology. At long last, it’s the last exam in Micro. I love Micro.

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