Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fly me to the moon

Traveling around the world is one of my aspirations in life. I would always reverie myself in different places with those trademarks and historical buildings that I always see on the idiot box and in some travel magazines. Well, let me have this quaint opportunity to share to you guys on the places that I wish to visit, or better yet, places that I shall visit soon. LOL.

a) Hongkong – this little Chinese metropolis is one of the most affordable places in the world. Right at this moment, there are so many cheap deals on getting to that modern island. It’s just two and a half hours away from Davao City. All you need is some cash and you can now get as many types of apparel as you can! Don’t worry! It’s as cheap as our country. Plus, tourist spots like the infamous Hongkong Disneyland will make you feel like a five-year old kid again. Its neighbor, Macau is also a great place to shop. Try the thrilling bungee jump in Macau’s tallest building and feel the exhilarating experience.

b) Singapore – If you’re filthy rich and allergic to fake products, then this Asian haven’s for you. Singapore’s one of the most expensive cities in Asia. Oh yeah, Singapore’s very strict on to their rules and chewing gum’s not allowed within the country’s premises. Oops. But yeah, this city’s relatively clean and believe it or not, water’s more expensive than beverages. But hey, Singapore’s tourist spots are cool and so as Merlion. Lol.

c) The Ilocos Province, Philippines – Daddy (my grandfather in the father side) is a pure Ilocano. He eats only vegetables and he’s quite dark and tall. But heck, he didn’t teach my uncle, aunt and my father to speak Ilocano. But anyhow, Ilocos boasts picturesque beaches and I want to ride in a Calesa. Lol.

d) Siem Reap, Cambodia – Aside from having an inexpensive lifestyle and cheap goods, Angkor Wat should be the first on the list. This country is rich in history and heritage. :)

e) Auckland, New Zealand – New Zealand’s one of my dream countries to visit. I don’t know, for me New Zealand is always fresh. Pollution rate is low and the climate is relatively cool. Also, this is the place where you can witness the first sunrise of the world (thanks to its location, it lies west of the International Dateline). I want to visit the southern part of New Zealand and interact with the local tribe of the country, the Maoris.

f) Sydney, Australia – The quickest way to be in this country is through the EAC, dude! Hahaha. No, I’m not Nemo for Christ’s sake. But sometimes, there are some cases that the Aussies pose some racial issues to Filipinos. But who cares, the Opera House looks lovely in the Sydney Harbor at night.

g) Geneva, Switzerland – Being a Science geek, the first place that Ill visit is the CERN. I just want to see the particle accelerator and the antimatter. Switzerland is a neutral country and I think it’s one of the youngest members of the United Nations. In 2004, Switzerland finally joined UN.

h) Antarctica (The South Pole), Arctic Ocean (North Pole) – In this place, air is very dry and temperature’s very low (as in below zero degrees). But it’s still astonishing to see the different biological species that thrive in an arid and cold desert like the penguins, polar bears and seals. And yeah, I want to witness the 24 hours of sunshine through the whole summer period and 24 hours of total darkness during winter period. That would be exciting, well in my own perspective.

i) Galapagos Island – Situated several hundred miles from the west coast of South America, this puny island is one of the richest biodiversity in the world. Even if it’s situated near the equator, you can still see penguins and other aerial, terrestrial and aquatic organisms that live in the island harmoniously.

j) Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – for those who really loves to shop Havaianas, this place is definitely for you. According to my Brazilian friend, Thiago, Havaianas are relatively cheap in Brazil (since the infamous flip-flops originate from that country). It costs less than FIVE DOLLARS. Can you imagine that?! If we convert this to our country, more or less, 250 pesos lang ang Havaianas! Amazing. And yeah, it’s a large country and the Amazon’s a great place to visit.

k) Moscow, Russia – I don’t care if this country’s infested with those Russian mafias. I’m just amazed with architectural design of Moscow’s Kremlin.

Yeah right, traveling is expensive. But who cares right? It really pays off when you are actually on the place! And the experience you gain will never be replaced with those material things.

Sigh, if only I was born on a commercial airplane, I would always have a free ticket to any places in the world. AND, it’s a lifetime privilege, fcol. Sige na mga mare, manganak na kayo sa eroplano. LOL.

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