Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Do you know what it feels like when you don’t have an exam tomorrow?

(What a question..)

Of course, almost everyone would be happy about it, most especially if you succumbed for three straight weeks in to the deepest abyssal jungles of Microbiology, Botany, Physics and Organic Chem?

Man, I just hate my indolent attitude whenever sembreak’s near. I would always reverie that today’s sembreak. Blah. I still have Botany and Organic Chem for this week and Physics, Nat Sci 2 and Organic Chem Lab for Monday. HUWAAAT? Three exams in one day? Naaah. I don’t care, really.

So do you have any quaint ideas on how to release those unwanted accrued stress in my body?

Well, aside from creating themes, photo manipulations in photoshop and writing short stories, I sometimes get tired of facing the monitor for at least 12 hours. Hahaha.

So here are the plans: (My classmate invited me on to some physical activities, and hopefully matuloy mga ‘to):

  • Play paintball at MTS
  • Play Tennis at Las Terrazas

I know, I know, playing tennis under the scorching heat of the sun is a strenuous activity. For crying out loud, I actually don’t care if I come home with muscle pains hovering throughout my body. It’s the experience that counts, right? Hahaha. For one thing, I think playing tennis is not a joke. I have an original racket, from my grandfather. He plays the tennis back in the 70’s and even claimed that it’s harder than bowling. Ooops. I can’t relate to it. I haven’t played or tried bowling! Pathetic much. Mas magaling pa ako siguro sa Virtual Tennis! HAHAHAHA.

But I guess it will be a worthwhile experience to me, that is, if we’ll not relinquish with the wonderful idea. I just hope no one will ruin my day, or shall I say, OUR DAY.

Ciao. 3 more exam days ‘til sembreak. Crap, can’t wait for it.

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