Monday, October 13, 2008

All's Well that Ends Well

Theoretically, this day marks the end of the most dreadful semester of all time. Yeah, you heard it right, dreadful's the most appropriate adjective. Imagine that you are the most notorious convict, confined in a highly secured prison, and left with so many choices of types of execution - be in a form of guillotine, lethal injection, electric chair or drown yourself to a pool of hungry school of piranha and crocs.

It's like you're having the hard time on choosing the type of death that you'll venture on to the day of your execution. If we correlate this on reality, particularly on choosing the appropriate decision is a very crucial thing and I must say that it really gave me the most painful headache for the past few weeks.

Okay, the point is this: one must have a perfect time schedule of all the things in school. Ideally, it's possible to practice this kind of discipline but in realilty, man can't avoid certain distractions since he can surmise the capacity of his work. He knows everything will work perfectly fine. Overconfidence seems to be a problem though and can be a catalyst for an unimaginable series of unfortunate events.

Alright, so being a GC is not bad at all, at least you still have a goal of attaining the Utopian grade, uno. But hey, it can be bad if one compares his grades to others, I mean each and everyone of us are different, right? We have our own capacities and other personal issues to deal with. Personally, I have tried to reach utopia, but sometimes, in the middle of the plan, I easily get tired and think that it's pointless. I can't be a millionare if I have uno for crying out loud. Thus, the initial optimism and determination of getting uno would lead to disappointment.

Tres is another thing. I used to think that a grade of 3.0 is the brink of your bittersweet demise. Frankly speaking it's a pretty immature way of thinking and I have to admit that this can only be possessed by narrow-minded people (I sometimes think of my own self and I don't care for the welfare of others, so please forgive me). But today, it made me realize two important things: that man can never possess the things that he wanted on his life, even if it doesn't play any significant roles to his life. And second, the feeling of getting 3.0 is VERY different compared of getting a grade of, say, 1.5, 1.75, 1.25, dos and etc. I felt extreme joy and happiness when I learned that I passed Organic Chemistry. You already know that I have struggled (and suffered) too much on to this subject.

  • First - I failed on to the three long exams.
  • Second - I didn't review for my final exam due to sleep deprivation and the excitement of semestral break.

Okay, thanks to Melamine, I passed this difficult subject. No, Org Chem is not difficult, I just didn't prioritize this subject. I opt to study my Biology major subjects (like Earth Science and Geology, Microbiology and Natural Science 2) than this.

Back to my nonsense thought..

Actually, my perception of getting tres was changed, thanks to Organic Chemistry. It made me realize that after all of these predicaments, I still managed to survive. I am a survivor. YOU ARE A SURVIVOR. But I'm not trying to say that you should be contented with tres (but it still depends on to the situation). Let's just say, if we are determined of getting higher than tres, then you're free to do it. It's your choice. It's my choice. It's EVERYONE'S choice. Let's keep this in mind that a grade is not a SOLE basis of intelligence. Yeah, you may be consistent of getting unos in to your college life, but what if you don't have an initiative of doing simple things? I think that's a disastrous situation (and utterly humiliating).

So this would be the most memorable semester so far, in my whole college life. I am indeed a survivor. And I already learned one of the most valuable lessons in life.

Say hello to my first tres, Chem 31. HAHAHA. And I'm proud of it. :))


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