Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Pablo Picasso-Banila

First day of October..

and I just have one simple question:

WHO THE HECK IS HE? DO YOU KNOW HIM? Pablo Banila?! The guy who's fond of viewing your page anonymously (the hell I care about it) and when you check his page, it's like you have entered the world of a deranged creature from outer space. Whatever, I'm just overreacting. Like what Inna said moments ago, he's creepy and scary.

He's fond of changing his multiply id by creating another account.

One thing for sure he always reminds me of someone who almost killed me in my dream. He really resemble to the notorious murderer of my dream last week - long, oily hair, pudgy nose, slim and, uggh, never mind. It quite scares me whenever I think of that crappy dream.

Hey! Today's not halloween, FCOL!

This article is taken from:

Ever heard of Pablo Banila? Happen to be one of the thousands he added in multiply? He says there, that you are his kindergarten schoolmate and he loves your ear, somewhat like that. hehe.

He is described as a stalking, annoying, and freaky multiply user. Harsh right? But, yeah, seeing his multiply site freaks me out too, though all his multiply accounts have been removed already due to people reporting him to the admin of multiply.

Well, this is what I think, he just wanted some attention, and he just made that for fun I guess. However, would you risk your reputation in such a manner, for fun? I won't!

People just look at him as a freak, right? Isn't that a reason not to do it?

Going back to his plot, he became famous, well actually infamous. But still, he was talked about, but I guess popularity that fast isn't the best way to be famous.

This thread (If you can't see the thread, she may have privatized the post. Sorry for that.) was posted by my friend just yesterday, she reported the clown and many actually followed and was against him. Many disliked his ways to get attention, and it was just too stalker like. I just find it pretty intelligent how he got a lot of people to react to him, yes he is kinda weird, but the kind of weirdness that people will actually notice and comment on. If you get to see his account before it was removed, comments were overflowing, majority disliked him, but still cared to browse his page. Psychology-wise, it is very smart. Though, reality-wise, its his reputation that paid for it, some fast popularity, a notch up in becoming an internet celebrity, but becoming a laughing stock and a clown. Would you risk that too to become famous?

It didn't go quite well for him though, maybe a little less annoying and stalking, you might be on your way to internet stardom. lol!

Oh by the way, because his multiply sites were removed, placed his name in yahoo search engine, guess what, I saw his friendster account. lol! See him here, more tame yet still quite weird.

Pablo Banila Friendster

Hey Pablo, I made you a little bit more popular with this. lol! 20-30 visit famous I guess. hehe.

Update: (September 28, 2008 7:25pm)

After a lot of banned accounts in multiply, he isn't that easy to get rid of, he has a new multiply account, and I even get to see his website, He still amazes me, never gets tired of viewing profiles that annoys and/or interest people. Either way, he worked up the fame ladder and continues to be recognized.

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