Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Light in the Lamp

Remember, remember, the thirtieth day of September, for this is the last day before October first.

I consider this day as the happiest day of the first semester. It all started when our Geology third long exam was moved to the seventh day of October. Then, the much-awaited standing in Organic Chemistry was finally posted outside the Food Sci and Chem Dept. Faculty and YEAAAAAAAHHHH! In my case, I had a VERY HIGH chance to survive this dreadful subject. Yeah, I thought tres is my highest possible grade, I can still reach the normal line-of-two-grade. Mind you, it felt so great! It gave me a motivation to strive harder on to the third and final exam. OOOOHH (keeps his fingers crossed).

The Botany exam was really a joke. No, don’t get me wrong. Ma’am Novero’s fond of giving challenging and mind boggling exams. Hanggang sa pag-uwi namin kaninang 3.30, we still talked about the different families of Angiosperms and Gymnosperms. HAHAHA.

Oh yeah, speaking of Dr. Novero, we were surprised AND HAPPY when she announced that we will not have our second laboratory moving exam in Botany since the long exam constitutes of only 20% in our Laboratory grade. HAHAHAHA. OOOOHHH YEAH.

But the only thing that makes my day, errr, unhappy is my tummy. Mummy, mummy, my tummy hurts. I don’t know. It goes like this:

I ate my “lunch” at around 10.30 in the morning and in our last activity in Microbiology Lab, we prepared Tempeh Cake, Kimchi and Yoghurt. I ate my yoghurt scrumptiously. That was almost noon time. By 1 pm, I ate Taho (And Manong Taho didn’t practice the proper aseptic technique, HAHAHA, OC!). By 1.30 pm, my tummy hurt a little bit and after some time, the pain grew as if it’s digesting my own stomach. I grumbled about it the moment we left the Wildlife Laboratory.

I don’t know. I want to sleep. My sleep was only a joke. I need to have a REAL sleep, and still, my tummy hurts. Maybe I’m Lactose intolerant. BUT WHO CARES? I have sought and found the light that I’ve been dreaming since I stumbled into the realm of abyssal darkness. MAY LIWANANG ANG BUHAAAAYYYY!

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