Tuesday, September 30, 2008

domination of geeks

Not so long ago, right after the bloody Calculus exam, an appealing girl asked her seatmate about his answers in the exam. Then she asked the answers of others. They were all excited since all of them have the same answer. They were vying to pass or even ace on to the third long exam of the said subject.


A tall, lean and thin guy with thick glasses, unpolished black leather shoes accompanied by his favorite shirt-tucked-in fashion and a hairstyle combed in one direction approached the thrilled group.

In a droning voice but with pure innocence, he said, “No, all of you have an erroneous answer in the exam a while ago. And I believe that It was just a trick from our Calculus professor.”

And in a spur of the moment, the aura suddenly changed - the former atmosphere of euphoric joy abruptly changed to fury and rage. They were all sullen to the geek. The sky turned dark and lightning flashes every 5 seconds. The group, armed with pitchforks and bamboo sticks chased the poor geek.

And he THOUGHT he had saved their day, but apparently, it was indeed their day to torture and possibly, kill him.

But then, on a realistic approach, I am sometimes chased by deranged people armed with pitchforks and bamboo sticks. HAHAHAHAHA. Don’t worry, I always bring my antimatter gun. HAHAHAHA. LOL.

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