Friday, September 12, 2008

Does Kaitlyn ring a bell?

Kaitlyn Maher is one of the sweetest talents that you’ll ever find in a reality show. She’s a contestant of America’s infamous reality show, America’s Got Talent. But the thing that bothers me so much is her age - she’s only four years old and she’s facing the different faces of multitude and receives both constructive and spiteful criticisms of media.

I can’t help it but to comment about the show.

Isn’t it appropriate to let an exceptionally young and innocent child join in a reality show? I mean being a contestant of a reality show is very strenuous and it can somehow affect the behavior and personality of the contestant, if he’s not used with the veracity of the reality shows. It’s the cruelest world to dwell with.

Kaitlyn’s parents should have waited the right age (emotionally matured) before she can fully surmise the reality of joining such contests. Kaitlyn’s too young for it and it would be very traumatic to her condition if she will face different unwanted factors of media. I’m pretty much worried about her. If she’ll win, then there’s a possibility that her career would be very similar to Britney Spears, who at an early age of 16 became the celebrated Pop Princess of the music industry but eight years later, she doesn’t wear panties and shaved her hair or to Michael Jackson, wherein his face was transformed through different kinds of chemicals ‘til he looks like a chimpanzee.

But who knows, right? We can’t predict future. We can’t travel in a time machine. Time machines don’t exist, du’uh?!

Just a simple thought to remember:

Man’s talent is inevitable, but man’s destiny is irremediable.

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