Friday, September 05, 2008

Tres is Equal to Uno

I have already heard this speech delivered by my classmate in Comm. 3 last semester and I didn't pay even the slightest attention on to it (though he made the audience laugh and the thought is not pointless).

Sorry Art. hahaha :))

But today, I can now feel the significance of his speech. =/


Several minutes ago, I checked my multiply account and in one of my pending invites, may gustong mag-add sa akin, and I was very stupefied by its name, well something related to ORGANIC Chemistry. PWEDE BAAAA? =/


So okay, I'm very confident that I'll flunk on to the second long exam. Yes, for the second time. But I still have the third long exam and the Final Exam. Shooooot. I've come to realize that even if how interesting and no matter how I'll love this subject (man, I love Chem since birth), Organic Chem doesn't love me. The feeling's not mutual (YAK EMO). Pero seryoso, I don't have any difficulties on understanding those organic reactions, synthesis of ketones, aldehydes, alcohols and other organic compounds, but during the exam, everything's different. (CLASSMATES, AGREEEEE??!)

In simple analogy: I'm studying a story from the Old English Literature, only to find out that my exam's on Intermediate French not on English Literature.

Hahaha. So, I always think of this desperate scenario: 3.0 in Chem 31's good. 2.75 better, 2.5 is the best. 2.25's impossible. 5.0 is.. ooops. No, no no. ERASE. ERASE. ERASE!

Ma-uno ko lang ang Bio 70, and 1.5 and Microbiology, solve na ang problema (well, maybe).

BAHALA NA. I think I'll just have to concentrate on to this subject, and leave others to oblivion. HAHAHAHA. Some sort of a sacrifice. But no, I can't leave Earth Science and Microbiology. They are my only hope to maintain my standing. Shit.

Can you just imagine? Right after my Org. Chem exam, I just slept (for like, 30 minutes) in my next class, which is Nat Sci 2! It was just an oral report about evolution, speciation and the Galapagos Island. The seat in my right's vacant and my professor sat beside me while listening to the report. Then my eyes started to feel heavy, as heavy as a ten-wheeler truck. I didn't have a choice but to sleep. YES, right beside my professor.

'Nuff said. I'm just bitter. I'm just a crap.

Two more exams. May liwanag pa ang buhay, as of the 5th of September, 2008, 8.21 pm. I've been longing for a twelve hour sleep.

BTW, para sa mga nagpapagawa sa akin ng mga digiart things like themes, wallpapers, order forms and ETC, I'm sorry, I don't have a choice but to suspend your personalized works/ requests 'til the first week of OCTOBER. I know it's hard and painful. Yikes.

Thank you for reading this crappy entry, really.

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  1. its not that crappy.. Just kinda diverse? haha (: