Saturday, September 27, 2008

Saturday Fever

Somebody in school must attend a refresher course in reading/language comprehension (elementary level), for crap’s sake. An outline is VERY different to summary. Tae.

It’s a propitious day for me. I made a fictional story about microorganisms (disease and etc.) in one item of the most recent laboratory moving exam. Later, I realized that the “fictional” story was indeed a FACT. HAHAHA. =)))

Alright, I was quite disappointed with the bonus station – read the tongue twister, loud and clear with confidence (the purpose is to distract others, hahaha). Others have an easy tongue twister, like the classic pitumput-pitong puting tupa (and sometimes, you’ll blabber the unwanted yet funny PUTA word), Toy Boat and the relo ni Leroy thing.

Mine was different:

Girl Gargoyle, Guy Gargoyle

HAHAHAHA. Very funny. Sometimes, I could blabber Al Gore’s name. HAHAHA.


Okay, this happened a while ago. It was six in the morning and fortunately, I wasn’t late for my 7 am exam in Geology.

Dad: Oh, ba’t maaga kang nagising ngayon? It’s a miracle!
Me: Dad?! as usual, exam.
Dad: Exam? On Saturday? Again??! It looks like parang araw-araw na kayong nag-eexam.
Me: I knooooow. We still have ‘til next week, and the week after next week.
Dad: HAHA.

Wow naman, HAHA nalang sinagot. LOL.


And I want to sleep. Good night. I know the sun’s shining brightly but I’m sleepy. I’m a vampire. RAWR.

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