Saturday, September 27, 2008

Boy Bawang. Boy Yabang

This dude’s getting on to my nerve for the past few weeks. I actually don’t care about his money and fame and his war-infested place, yet he always talk about his life over and over again.

Incident 1: He keeps on bragging about his family. The fuck I care about your family, for Christ’s sake.

“Hey, you know what? My mom’s angry to dad since he used mom’s havaianas.”

Take note, he really emphasized the flip-flop brand. So what if your mom owns a pair of Havaianas?! Mom’s owns three pairs, and so my classmates and friends too. Duuuuh.

“Alam mo nga, sa SCHOOL namin, may BLAHBLAHBLAHBLAH”

WTF. I don’t care.

Incident 2: The report thing.

I and my good friend were talking about their presentation in Nat Sci 2. Take note, we were the only one who talks about the presentation until he suddenly joins our conservation. Now he interrupted our conversation but my good friend, who’s now immune with his attitude, gave in.

Dude: Hey, you know what? Everyone in the class listened to us!
Me: (in a blunt manner): Well, that’s great!

“Makatawa lang ako kasi one time, may topic kami about nitrous oxide, yung laughing gas, tapos may isang freshie nagtanong: Ano ang makatawa jan? (insert conceited laugh).. TANGA masyado!!”

Me: (Binabara ko na siya, in a sarcastic-baby-talk manner): Hindi man nila kasalanan kung di nila alam ang Nitrous Oxide. Arki kasi sila, hindi Bio.
Dude: Kahit na! Hahaha.
Me: Huuuy ang sama mo talaga.

Incident three: OTO-san.

He keeps on commanding things, as if he has no hands and feet.

While doing my lab report in Botany..

“Uy Renz, pakicut nga ng answer sheet ko”

Me: Bulag ka ba? I’m doing this lab report and you’re just flirting with somebody, TAE.

The night before our presentation..

“Uy, pakiabot nga ng gunting”

(and I was carrying 4 heavy paper bags and some props)

Me: Naman oh, wala ka ngang ginagawa jan, utos ka pa ng utos!

‘Nuff said. I keep on grumbling about his attitude. The fuck I care about him. Tae. There are some many things that I want to blabber, but no, maybe he’s reputation would be at stake. Clue: the controversial Chem 16. He should be a retaker last sem but.. errr. I don’t know.

He's a parasite and only depends on to our answers in lab reports. DAMN IT.

He only thinks of himself and HE NEVER LISTENS TO US. Doña Puñeta is already famous now. Lagi nang nagagamit name niya. HAHAHAHA.

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