Saturday, September 27, 2008

Passport to Hades

I know. I don't have any plausible plans to go to Hell (but I'm curious about the place, so I want to be like Virgil in Dante Alighieri's Inferno, LOL).

Anyhow, I was quite stunned by the tedious schedule for our third long exams, here it is:

* Sept 27 – Microbiology Lab (Moving Exam), and Nat Sci. 2
* Sept. 30 – Botany Lec., Earth Science/ Geology
* October 1 – NO CLASS!
* October 2 – Microbiology Lec, Botany Lab
* October 3 – Organic Chem Lec, Organic Chem Lab,

Great! So there’s no excuse of failing on to these exams, I guess, since I do have plenty of time (except for Wednesday since I have to answer my take-home exam in Physics) to review. I guess should have to start reviewing my lessons, slides, and presentations today.


So I have to say my provisional goodbyes to the following things:

* Sensible entries – I’m not fond of writing short blog entries (unless it’s required) :))

* Plurk – and I don’t care if my karma slumps down to ZERO. Who cares if my karma’s zero, right? Exams are more important. Du’uh.

* Theme Requests – I can do your personal requests (you know who you are) by the second week of October. I know you can understand my situation, can’t you?

* Virtual Tennis 3 – Unless, if I’ll be bored during break period and kung dala ni Neil PSP niya. Lol.

* New Moon – And I’m annoyed with Bella’s incoherence and inconsistency. Hahaha.

* What else?.. Hmmmm.. Ahhhhh! I need coffee. It’s been a long time since my last cup.

After this, may second part pa, which is Final Exam! Hahaha.

“Aanhin ang KARMA kung bagsak lang naman ang exams”
“Babangon ako at KAKARMAHIN din ako by sembreak”


Tu lascerai ogne cosa diletta
più caramente; e questo è quello strale
che l'arco de lo essilio pria saetta.
Tu proverai sì come sa di sale
Lo pane altrui, e come è duro calle
Lo scendere e 'l salir per l'altrui scale...

You shall leave everything you love most:
This is the arrow that the bow of exile shoots first.
You are to know the bitter taste of others' bread,
How salty it is, and knows
How hard a path it is for one who goes
Ascending and descending others' stairs..."

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