Tuesday, September 30, 2008

dorky olympics

If couch potatoes and TV bummers have this superficial idea called “movie marathon”, wherein they’ll just sit in the couch and watch their favorite series 24/7, we the trying hard geeks shall have an exam marathon starting on September 27, 2008 ‘til the thirteenth of October, 2008. Here, we'll just sit in to our chair but instead of facing the idiot box, we have to face papers, thick books and instead of holding a remote control, we have to hold our breath, pens and cling on to our dear life.

These two things mean the same thing. Drooping eyes, anxiety, giddiness, nervousness and tired mind. The latter is more interesting than the former, right geeks? HAHAHA.

Oh yeah, may pasok ba sa October 1? Declared holiday na ba siya ni Madam President? Well, if that’s the case, kawawang Bio 70. Baka mageexam nalang kami sa Saturday, AGAIN. I hate Saturday exams.

On the other hand, walang tulugan nanaman mamaya since I have to be 100% sure of my answer in my Physics take-home exam. Though my standing’s not failing (not pasang-awa level), I should still grab this rare opportunity. It’s my first time to experience this kind of exam. Hahaha. I hope Giancoli will save me tonight.

BTW.. SHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT, I forgot to watch Amazing Race. I can’t blame it. Last night was our play in Microbiology. Oh well, at least YouTube’s ready to hoard my sadness. Bleh.

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