Tuesday, September 30, 2008

orga(sm)ic chemistry

Okay, so the title’s very elusive.

But I don’t care. I have to admit that I have a hard time on understanding this subject. Yes, Gen. Chem and Analytical Chem is way tooo easy. And even if Organic Chem doesn’t ask you to solve for the pH level and etc, they just ask you one simple thing: to synthesize an organic compound from another compound. Take note, it’s not a one-step process (and some processes are irreversible)! One should memorize each synthesis and reactions of certain functional groups in order to derive a correct answer. What’s adding to our perplexity is the different approach of this subject. It is way too dissimilar compared to my previous Chemistry subject. I have never felt this feeling before, no, NOT AT ALL.

Okay, so flunking is just normal in school, but isn’t it annoying if I flunk the subject and have wasted my precious time? After that, I will always ponder on to the same thought over and over again - that I should have studied on this subject and might have aced on to it. Okay, the worst-case scenario is just giving me an intense migraine and goosebumps. Well, on the lighter side, I guess my only hope is to ace on Bio 70, Microbio, Nat Sci 2 and Botany to compensate Organic Chem. Damn. I just hope that everything will be fine, now that New Moon and Plurk is causing a hindrance on to my regular study habits. But no, I must concentrate. I must focus. I need power, enough wit and of course, LUCK.

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