Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Of Raisins and Racism

And so the BBC made a bigotry statement about Filipinos. Again. This is not new to us right, since we Filipinos are prone to these kind of chauvinistic statements made by foreigners. I don’t know, partly because they don't believe to the innovative ideas, skills and talents of the Filipinos (Hurray for Pinoys out there!). Okay, I may sound, uhhm, say, “biased” since I too am a Filipino. But wait, we Filipinos are easily hurt when it comes to discrimination. Who cares if we have brown skin? I’m sure lots of whites out there want to die just to get a perfect tan skin. Who cares if some Filipinos are flat-nosed? Well, that doesn’t count since it’s still a NOSE. Who cares if Filipinos are pudgy? Well, sometimes, being small has more advantages than big ones (at least my height falls into the median range – half-tall hahaha).

I just recently heard that BBC didn’t intend to discriminate Filipinos. In short, they just want to laugh their ass off, pure entertainment. Here in the country, it’s similar when Mr. Shoo Lee imitates the overstated tagalong diction of Chinese, or when Michael V. imitates “Bombay’s” five-six diction. It’s pretty much the same.

No, I don’t indict Filipino’s fondness of this kind of racial issues or BBC’s latest guttural scandal. Both parties are not responsible of it. Misunderstanding and miscommunication plays a vital role on to this crucial mayhem of the world. It’s just a simple correlation of this idea:

What goes around comes around, what goes up must come down.

Just a simple thought to ponder this sunny day. :)

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