Thursday, October 09, 2008

Feeling Sembreak

“Alright! Pwede mo nang ibagsak finals mo, anyways, you’ll get less than 2.5 in your lecture”, said the lady in red while she flashed her widest smile.

On the other hand, I made a scruffy face in front of her. Great. I really hate this when your teacher happily reports this in front of you before the finals week. Uggh, great, she gave me this one-of-a-kind of motivation.. to become a lazy ass for the whole week of Finals. Lesson learned: I should NOT ask for my standing. Let’s just say, it would remain as one of the mysteries of my life. Whatever, I’m just ranting about nothing, fcol.

Oh yeah, random shout outs:

Joie, Maria! Sana nagtake nalang kayo ng Finals sa Botany! Hahaha. The final exam was way TOOO different on to her long exams. Promise.
July, I have a funny (and a repetitive) story for you, you know what I mean.

So I should still be going to UP ‘til next Friday (October 17, 2008). I should comply with my class cards, final grades and standings in all of my subjects. Nail biting is rampant again, and mom didn’t like this eeky routine of mine, well actually, hobby’s more appropriate than the former. HAHAHA.

And I’m glad that the Zoo 3 (Intermediate Zoology) was moved on to its new schedule, which is every Wednesday, 4pm-6pm. Yeah right, I should write a book, A NOVEL. The title should be: Wednesdays with Gamby. HAHAHAHA. Ooops.

So, what should I do today? I’m done with my Microbiology paper and 1pm pa ang exam ko bukas, which is Organic Chem.. ZOOOOOOOOOOOOOT. Wait.. did I say.. ORGANIC CHEM?! Oh no!! (Panic Mode).. Where’s my folder? Where’s McMurry? Where’s the table of all reactions and synthesis? Oh shooot. (T_T)

HAHAHA. Panget ang nagcecelebrate ng sembreak ngayon. Yeah right. I’m bitter. So what. Malapit na rin ang sembreak ko. BLEH.

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