Monday, October 06, 2008

Hey Hippo.

Everyone commits mistakes, willfully or instinctively as much as other human beings in the world. Now why on Earth will you question about the nature of imperfection? In the first place you are NOT a ROBOT, but a human being with a crappy way of thinking. Don’t you think each one of us has its own limitations? Yes, we get to learn through our own gaffes and we get to know the answer of which can be valuable on to our expectations and prospects in life. Damn it, you’re such an immature ass, I tell you. Nobody can ask for a perfect world. No, that only exists in an idealistic approach.

GOOD NIGHT and hope your scruples will save you from the fires of hell. I hope Charon will not ferry you to the ninth circle of hell.

Sweet screams to you fatty-hippo.

(Forgive me if I’m too mean, I just can’t help it.)

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