Thursday, October 02, 2008

To Immunity and Beyond

Pablo’s insane.
Pablo’s crazy.

Pablo’s causing all of these predicaments in life.

Pablo’s a murderer.

Most of all, Pablo sucks, literally!

No, I’m not talking about the infamous and clever cyberstalker for crying out loud. The hell I care about his life, works and ass! Haha. I’m talking about the tropical storm. Yeah, so how’s the weather in the northern cities? The south has to suffer from a jiffy drought, since I can only see the blue hue of the sky, stretching to the endless horizon.

Alright so I’m quite thwarted by my Botany since I didn’t make it to the exemption grade. In my three long exams, I averaged 79.33% and the minimum “toll fee” to qualify for the exemption of taking the final exam was 80.00%. Great.. At least, 1.75 in the Bio Department starts at 80% (unlike in the Math, Physics and Comsci Dept., 1.75 starts at 85%). The coverage’s cover to cover and yeah, I don’t have any problems with it. I have to review on it, though. Enough is enough. I sometimes deem myself as a GC, but I care for it since I want to show those numerical values to my parents. I just want them to know that I care for my education and for my future. Drama king.

Speaking of Botany, Ma’am Novero proposed a great deal. Next year, we would start on to our respective thesis and each one of us will have their own advisers. Our Botany teacher specializes on the field of Molecular Biology particularly in plants. She has a plan to open a thesis/case study on Genetic Engineering in Metroxylon sagu Rottb. She only needs one student. She wants the student to be responsible and determined for this study. I am very much interested with her offer. Let’s check some things, shall we?

I am responsible..errrr.. CHECK.
I know how to handle things.. CHECK.
I AM SERIOUS.. hmmm.. I love to crack corny jokes but hell, I’m serious on pursuing this study.. HALF CHECK.
I am.. CHECK, CHECK, CHHHEECCCKK! (Sure ka na ba?!)

Hahahaha. I know I’m not interested in plants but since it touches the field of Molecular Genetics, I think this kind of extensive study will be one of my choices or candidates, next to Microbiology and Animal Physiology.

Oh by the way, I looooooove TEMPEH cake. You know that cake? It’s just a stack of soybeans filled with Rhizopus, a fungus. YES, a fungus. Actually, it tastes so great when you cook it in butter. HAHAHAHA! I want to eat more Tempeh. Hahaha. But on Saturday (third moving exam in Microbiology), I have no choice but to eat Kimchi (ewww) and Yoghurt. I must eat breakfast before my tummy hurts.

But the tempeh cake in this picture's more delectable than ours. Duh, it's still delicious.

Oh yeah, before I forgot, I getting immune with so many things, E.coli, Rhizopus, sleep deprivation, hunger, thirst, COFFEE, exams and many more. Instead of drinking the usual milk concoction on breakfast and before going to sleep, I now change it to coffee. Hell, ‘til now, I don’t know the right amount of coffee needed in a single cup. Mom’s not fond of buying 3 in 1 coffee. Whatever!

Today, I am sleepy. I still have to catch up with my Organic Chemistry. I want to pass this course, else if I fail the third long again, I’m a deadmeat.

Or things might just happen unexpectedly.

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