Friday, October 24, 2008

Nasasabaw sa Sembreak

Hell yeah, I've already felt the series of stressful yet rewarding events occurred this semestral break. I keep musing on about how dreadful my first semester is. Well, at least I’m earning and the scholarship’s a big help for the upcoming semester. Phheeew.

Likewise, the moment I received my money, I immediately flew in the National Bookstore and bought two novels: Category 7 and Michael Crichton’s sci-fi book about Genetics, Next.

Shoot! I’m very excited to read Next. Wait. I have to finish Eclipse (a hundred pages to go before Breaking Dawn). Wait. I have to finish those projects. Oops. Wait! Enrolment period will start this Monday, October 27. Shoot. I still have to maximize my time. This is the most tedious semestral break that I’ve experienced in my whole life. Whatever.

Good thing, my best friend invited us to have a slumber party on to his crib. I just missed you guys. Next year ulit. HAHAHA.

By the way, while strolling at SM yesterday, I saw different cute and chubby kids wearing the respective national costumes of their country. HAHAHA, thanks to UN Day, it really made our day since seeing those adorable kids reminds us that we were once that fragile (fat in some cases), holding our meek hands to our mom or dad while strolling in an unfamiliar place.

Kids who represented European countries, particular in the western side wore extravagant gowns and other accessories. But kids who represented African countries only wore simple and cheaper clothes.

Sigh. I should get back to work, err.

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