Monday, November 18, 2013


And I just learned that our OJT phase will be extended 'til June of next year (2014), which means that we'll have our permanent facility deployment on that date instead of January 2014, which was earlier promised by our bosses. I have no problem with that. And besides, let's look on the brighter side. Once I get my license, say January 2014 (hopefully, keeping my fingers crossed. Patiently waiting for our schedule on skilled test), we'll start having a differential rate. We'll get the full amount though by June 2014 once we have our permanent facility deployment. Yo shizzle I'm talking about big amount of $$$$$, but not as big as Napoles' ill-gotten wealth. But at least, we have something to look forward this June. Besides, it's just another six months of waiting. Time's really fast these days. On the brighter side #2, it would be easier for me to ask permission to the FIC. Won't be reporting for duty for a few days. I mean, as JOs, we don't have paid leaves, thus it's a no-work, no-pay policy. But it's okay. I won't be gone for a week or two. It's just three days in Singapore. Woot! Singapore Airshow 2014! Can't wait for it! Perfect time to celebrate Valentines with my first love - AVIATION! Haha cheesy.


Anyway, flying back to Davao this Saturday dawn and I've never been THIS excited! Davao is my home and will always be my HOME.

That's it for now.

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  1. I love your blog