Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Gone With The Wind

Probably the worst feeling in the world is when the person you really, really like the most likes someone else. How could the universe be so mean to me? I mean, I have been nice for the longest time and yet... yet... How could this thing happen? I know I do not have the right to complain because we are only friends and all that jazz but you know what I am saying?

Back then, I would always look forward to see her every day. During those moments, I thought I was a teenager again; I thought I wouldn't experience this kilig feeling all over again. Everything went on a blur, I guess. Juggling the two (training and planned dates) has been a daunting task and I must admit that I should have been brave enough to tell her everything; to exert more effort. But who knows?

Although I have already clues that she only considers me as one of her friends. I won't further elaborate those considerations, but yeah, you totally get the point. It has been exasperating to think that she's just being friendly and nice to me. I hate that feeling, to be honest.

After accepting the truth, I once again become bitter - from optimistic to pessimistic. I know it is bad and immature to wish misfortune to people, whether if they have been good or bad to you, but I always think about it. I'd sometimes wish that she'd be struck by lightning or whatever. More so, all those beautiful things that I see from her turned ugly, literally. For the first time in history, I finally notice her wrinkles, ugly eye bags, and her pale skin (worse than Edward Cullen). I am beginning to hate the things associated to her, like her pet cats. Well, the problem is, I REALLY HATE CATS AND THAT FACT NEVER CHANGE. She keeps on adopting stray cats and it's starting to annoy me.




Gee, I never thought that I would be this bitter. But you know what? I shouldn't. The universe may be mean to me, but I have no right. I guess when you're bitter, you are unable to see the beautiful things around you.

I should be better instead of being bitter.


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