Friday, October 27, 2006

My Childhood Memories

As promised, here's my childhood memory entry no.1. I could still remember the time when I first rode an airplane. Yes definitely an airplane but don't expect that it's a Boeing 747-400 or an Airbus series. Yep! The picture on the left is the plane that I rode for the first time. The route was Davao to Zamboanga. It was April 1992 and I was 1 and half year old. A toddler maybe but I could speak as early as that mentioned name. The airport in Davao we used was the Old Airport today, located in Sasa. Let me tell you something about the old airport today. It's haunted by a ghost, obviously! I've read an article in the local newspaper that the airport was haunted by a mere 10 ghosts to be exact and was reportedly seen just outside the terminal building. The remnants of the Davao Airport bombing is still there, the old waiting shed and a lot more. Well enough of that nonsense thing! We moved to Zamboanga because my dad was assigned there. He worked as a salesman in Purefoods I think? All I know is that he worked in a hotdog manufacturing company... Hey! Its Swift! Now I remember. Before the departure bound for Zamboanga, I could remember that my mom and her colleague talking about something which I don't know. She was clutching my hand so tightly because I wanna go inside the xray machine. I was amazed by the xray machine. I don't know why but I was mesmerized by its mechanics. The scheduled flight was delayed by at least 15 minutes more or less. And off we go, we departed from Davao City bound to Zamboanga City!

I was so talkative during the flight. I could remember that many of the passengers are eating Max Candy particularly the Honey Lemon flavor. If I ate that candy, I could remember the aroma, the place during that short-haul flight. Upon arrival, we went directly into our apartment. It was nice though. Marbled floor, two levels and it is quite spacious. My Lola and my Tita (Grandmother and my aunt) arrived in our apartment 3 days after because they choose to ride a ship instead of an airplane. We visited the Pasonanca Park and my favorite place, Dakak Beach Resort. We played in my toy helicopter.

I had a personal helper named Tif (as what I call her). She always follows me wherever I go and she always accompanies me when I played in my playmates in Zamboanga. Frequent brownouts here in Zamboanga. The mode of transportation in this city at that time is tricycle. There are no taxis nor jeepneys in here yet. I could remember that when I do something bad, my neighbor would scare me that there's an asawang (monster) hovering around the community and its likely prey are hard-headed kids - stubborn.

Even at that time, I had self confidence or in tagalog : MaKAPAL ANG MUKHA. Imagine, there's a presentation held at the auditorium of the Ateneo de Zamboanga University then all of the sudden, I went to the stage and dance like a fool. I was the center of various attractions. Giggles and laughters is what I could remember is during my unexpected dance number. Coincidentally, it was my 2nd birthday.

My mom was pregnant to my brother when we decided to pack our things and leave Zamboanga City at once because she doesn't want to give birth to that city. So we went back to Davao City. After that, my father and I went back to Zamboanga but all of the sudden, all flights are cancelled. The reason?? Air Transportation Office declared declared a strike and the ATC's went home, leaving the control tower unattended! No choice but the airport had to cancel all outbound and inbound flights.

Whenever I reminisce this memory, a smile lingers on my face!

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