Friday, October 27, 2006

Me, Myself and I

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Well my name is Renz Marione M. Bulseco, its my first time to write or shall we say type on this blog. Today is October 27, 2006, 1:30pm and our periodical tests concluded up to this point. At last its our semestral break! YeeHah!

well here's my exerpt about me taken from my friendster account:

i am renz marione metran bulseco born on August 01, 1990 - thats Wednesday well let me describe myself!

>i am cute (ahemm..), quite tall coz my height is 5'6 1/2 and am not dark.. quite mputi but not that maputi like a ghost! wahaha

>i know and i love to play the PiAnO! as good as mozart??>i'm wearing a retainer and sumtimes i wear my dorky glasses but i find that cool

>i'm studious and loovees texting especially kung unli but i love to read and read that can make my knowledge to expand

>i love music especially pop rock and i love to watch sensible movies.. but i hate death metal type music cozits hellish..>i'm a straight A student since prep

>i'm frank and im not plastic>i crave for fooDDD! yep! but the fact is my metabolism rate is quite fast and hasty so i dont care bout my figure coz i'm not fat but not that thin as a toothpick

>my favorite subject? uhmm probably recess? nah joke! thats science particularly biology and chemistry, World History, Geography and Astronomy..

>i love to play the piano coz thats my forte but i dont know how to sing and dance.. so nakakahiya!!>i'm friendly and nice (sometimes) but people find me friendly and sociable..

>im serious to others but sometimes my friends tagged me as "kalog" but its true!>i love people that has a pleasant face (hEEheE), nice diction and simple because i hate people that has these personalities: Plastic, samok, flirty, slut, annoying, cheaters and lots of negative traits mentioned..

>But i reALLy HATE BoOoRrRinGG people... sheesh! y did they exist in this chaotic world! i think they're useless..

>i'm attracted to a girl who possess these traits and figures: chinita, mabait, cutie, pretty, kalog like me, simple yet elegant, conservative, as tall as me.. not so thin and not so fat, intelligent

oh.. want to know about my favorites?? let me enumerate!

Favorite Books:

, The Sigma Protocol by Robert Ludlum, The Bourne Identity, Supremacy and Ultimatum also by Robert LudlumEleven Minutes, By The River Piedrra I Sat Down and Wept, The Alchemist...basta lahat ng books ni Paulo Coelho..Harry Potter 1-7, LOTR, Goosebumps, Readers Digest, Pupong 1-8, Pugad Baboy, Newspaper (esp. Philippine Daily Inquirer & Philippine Star)...mga novels ni Dan Brown like da vinci code, digital fortress and kay michael crichton like AIRFRAME!

Favorite Movies:

The Devil wears Prada, Spongebob the Movie, 10.5, Highschool Musical, United 93, World Trade Center, The Da Vinci Code, My Sassy Girl(mganda kc ang girl doon), Windstruck, Il Mare, The Classic, My Little Bride, Meet the Fockers, Finding Nemo, Harry Potter series, American pie 1 & 2, American Wedding, DADDy Day Care...MONster INc. (da best).....The DAy AFTer Tommorow...TWISter...Shrek 1...Shrek 2

Favorite Music:

fave the cafe (windstruck bgm)..., , what ive been looking for, breaking free, stick to the status quo, we're all in this together, start of something new, , closer u and i.....grabe maka-inlove ang song!!!!! special mention to Gino Padilla...Unfaithful..., The Scientist, ...Til they Take my Heart Away.., Californication, 100 years., Breaking Free, When there was me and YOu..Mr. Brightside.....My Immortal (Gregorian Chant)...Out of my League....High...Hung Up...Sorry...Sugod....214....Posible....So Happy Together (Simple Plan)....Bohemian Rhapsody.... A thousand Miles and Out of My League....Hands to Heaven, THE CORRS! like Breathless, Radio, Evrybody hurts, irresistible, pati kay ENYA like orinoco flow, carribean blue, book of days, anywhere is, china roses, on my way home, ay ang dame! makatulog man gud ang songs nya!..........more on classical and pop rock....I HATE rap songs especially eminem!!!! EMINEM sucks dude!

Favorite TV Shows:

pinka fave ko.. Grey's Anatomy series., House M.D., The Amazing Race 1-10, The Amazing Race-Asia, , Princess Hours, Tom and Jerry Kids, Rugrats, The Wild Thornberries, Hey Arnold!, Dora, Blues Clues, Big Brother, The Simpsons, SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS!!!!!......Mr. Bean the animated...News, Bloomberg, business News, Knowledge Channel. National Geographic, CNN, ANC, BABY LOOONEY TUNES, Myx (Daily top ten and myx hit chart), Channel News Asia, All Grown Up, HBO, Cinemax, Lifestyle Network (daming food eh...), Disney Channel, Martin Mystery, Kim Possible, Totally Spies...puro cartoons...hehe... mga forensic science series like CSI miami and las vegas, 24, alias, NCIS, Cold Case, Lost, Charmed, all shows of abs-cbn.., kapuso sucks!!! haha no offense sa mga kapuso jan.., Lost, Amazing Race, Ripley's Believe it or Not, bsta anything bsta lingaw na reality show.. ü

for those who didn't understand my language or whatever.. (just in case dude..), im a filipino, im fluent in tagalog, english (of course!), a li'l bit of chinese and korean, visayan dialect.

after you read this please do leave a comment. keep in touch party people!


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